The Persistent Lie

[Citations can be found in the Criminal Charge Sheets at, which is a free book of basically just references and proofs]

This is the truth that you deserve as a human being, who is oppressed because of a scientific fraud crime that was committed in 1994.  This is the truth that no one else will tell you and that no doctor ever thought to even ask about.  The ramifications of this crime are far reaching and span across other diseases that share the same life stealing immune suppression mechanism.

endotoxin tolerance vidar meme

There is one main reason why people who get bit by ticks are subsequently kicked to the curb and left for dead.  A handful of individuals abused the Bayh-Dole Act and attempted to commercialize Lyme disease, with plans to do the same thing with all tick borne diseases, selling vaccines and test kits.



The “root” of Lyme disease is what we refer to as the “Cryme” of the falsified case definition. TruthCures demands prosecution of the individuals who are responsible for changing the disease definition at the 1994 CDC “Dearborn” conference to facilitate the approval of the since-failed LYMErix vaccine.

​See the images of Western blot strips from the complaint filed in 2003 with the Justice Department at the direction of then-CT Attorney Richard Blumenthal’s staff attorney.


​The two strips on the left represent neuro-Lyme patients in the seven center lanes of each strip, with the outside lanes being positive controls. It is easy to see by the few darkened areas in the center lanes, that neuro-Lyme patients have a low- or no-antibody response. These are representative of 85% of the population.

 The strip on the right shows a much darker concentration of antibodies in the blood of the 15% of the population who are genetically prone to an arthritis, or hypersensitivity response.

Before “Dearborn,” all of these were included in the case definition for “Lyme disease.” All were considered positive. After “Dearborn,” ONLY THE HIGH-ANTIBODY PATIENTS ON THE RIGHT (ARTHRITIC KNEE CASES) WERE CONSIDERED POSITIVE.

This is the case definition that remains to this day. You may only have “Lyme disease” if you are genetically competent to produce lots of antibodies. If you got bit by a tick but don’t test positive, the CDC knows you have tick bite post-sepsis AIDS, but they pretend that you’re crazy, instead.

 The two-tier serology (ELISA + Western blot) is designed to detect only the arthritis cases because the neurologic cases had to be thrown out from adverse events in LYMErix trials in order for the vaccine to be qualified as “safe and effective.” The “vaccine” was making people very sick with a Lyme-like disease, and by changing the testing, they could say that those trial participants didn’t have Lyme and therefore the vaccine was effective.

There is no “controversy” about Lyme disease and the reason that victims are disabled by tick bites is not some unriddled mystery.  This isn’t a scientific debate, and there certainly isn’t a lack of science demonstrating why so many are so sick and subsequently stripped of their humanity and relentlessly abused for the rest of their lives.  The only mystery left is how all these doctors never asked what OspA is.  It should be them telling you about this, not a handful of us patients.

This is a crime scene.  
A scandal.  
A semantics game.

The fake war between two opposing factions who are both lying to maintain a corrupted symbiosis that benefits both sides, leaves the victims caught in the middle and left for dead.  On one side we have the amoral CDC/IDSA who everyone knows they should be pointing the finger at.  The American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF) needs to be included in the finger pointing especially, as its function is a propaganda firm to spin the disease in favor of their intended monopoly on tick borne disease.  On the other side we have the illustrious non-profits and ILADS, who are actually just as nefarious.  It is bad enough that ILADS only helps those with cash (and lots of it), but the truth that they have purposely omitted makes them much more sinister than any of us would like to believe.   Sure, they say that we are in fact very sick, but ILADS has pegged our suffering resultant of a persistent infection instead of what it actually is– an acquired immune deficiency, or post sepsis syndrome, or tick bite post sepsis B cell AIDS.

False Dichotomy

The one thing that neither side will talk about is the only thing that matters- the structure and function of OspA.  The truth is just too pragmatic.  Both sides know that they are leaving millions to fend for themselves.  They are well aware that they have created a situation in which we are left scavenge remnants of such a basic human necessity as health.  I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you because as soon as everyone knows this scientific fact the entire house of cards comes crashing down and Justice will be served.  The answer to this one simple question, “What is OspA?” is capable of vindicating more than just Lyme victims as you will soon see.


pam3cys image

OspA is Pam3Cys.  Pam3Cys is a molecule that shuts down the typical chain reaction of immunity.  Pam3Cys is a triacylated lipoprotein more toxic than typical bacterial lipopolysaccharide.  Pam3Cys is managed by Toll Like Receptors 2 and 1 together, which means that the body recognizes it as something fungal and completely freaks out when it “sees” it.  I know that probably sounds like Chinese to people who are newer, in short it means that this is a very toxic antigen that causes immune suppression and makes people impossibly sick.


The initial stimulation from Pam3Cys overwhelms the immune system and then downregulates the response as a sort of coping mechanism to keep the host alive.   What you end up with is something called immune tolerance and cross tolerance which means that your immune system becomes blind and can’t “see” the bad stuff anymore.  Instead, the immune system now tolerates the bad stuff.  This very severe kind of immune suppression is not reversible by eliminating the offending pathogen.  Watch this video and know that when the antigen involved is Pam3Cys the cells will not “present” antigen.

What we all call “Chronic Lyme disease” is really post sepsis syndrome, which reflects a wrecked immune system that has been paralyzed or suppressed.  It is not about persistent spirochetes drilling through tissues, it is about them blebbing toxic immune suppressing osp’s and transforming the immune system into what can only be likened to a zombie.  Post sepsis syndrome basically means that you are 80 years old when you are only 40 on a cellular level.


Spirochetes reliably reactivate common latent viruses that everyone has like Epstein Barr, Herpes, and Cytomegalovirus just like any other immune suppression disease.  These viruses don’t harm people who have a healthy immune system to keep them in check, the trouble happens when for whatever reason the immune system is not functioning correctly.  The same thing happens to transplant recipients who take immunosuppressants and patients who get regular hospital acquired sepsis.  The viruses are the true culprits and causers of the Great Imitator outcomes.  Spirochetes are the detonators and once they reach your lymph nodes, which has been found to take less than 24 hours, it is GAME OVER.  Even if you could kill every last spirochete in your body you would still have post sepsis syndrome.

Outer surface protein A is Pam3Cys and in the molecular world what things are, is what they do.  Chemistry is all about is/do, and doctors are required to take Organic Chemistry to get their medical degree.  WHY did they never ask what OspA IS to figure out what it DOES?

Paul Duray was a top Army Pathologist and he found “these atypical-appearing large lymphocytes” that had “been misinterpreted in biopsy by several laboratories as cells of a malignant lymphoma or leukemia”, then went on to say that they looked like Epstein-Barr transformed cells.  Antibiotics do not fix B cells.  No amount of supplements, rifing, herbs, detoxing, or anything else fixes B cells and that is why we see the same people in the support groups for more than 10 years still treating.

Duray cancer:lyme

Here is Paul Duray again, this time with ALLEN STEERE, calling it “psuedolymphoma”.  Notice that they also mention EBV again.  THIS is what the disease really is.  B cell AIDS.  Like cancer.  Tick bite victims are much, much sicker than anyone has ever admitted, ILADS included.


It has been established for decades that half the cases fail even early treatment.  See “Chronic Lyme:” It’s a Coin Toss from BLAB to read those reports.  



  • Spirochetes go straight to the lymph nodes and start blebbing toxic triacyl lipoprotein TLR 2 agonists that annihilate your B cell germinal centers.  The lipoproteins cause chronic brain inflammation but immune suppression in the rest of the body.
  • As with every case of immune suppression, latent viruses and opportunistic infections take over.
  • This is NOT reversible by killing the germs, immune tolerance means all that shit just grows back.  Spirochetes are permanent.
  • OspA injection alone caused the same exact disease that we all get from tick bites, there were no co-infections or biolfim in the LYMErix vaccine.
  • ^^^^ This means that ILADS is wrong and not actually helping anyone, because the disease is like AIDS and killing infections does not fix it.

Doctors should know this.  They should be the ones explaining this to you.  We have all been lied to.  We have all been insulted.

ILADS does not respect you enough to tell you what this disease really is.  No other doctor has ever respected their chosen profession as healers enough to open PubMed to find that TLR 2 agonists cause immune suppression and that there is something else other than autoimmune that can happen to humans.  Instead, when their patient doesn’t have a detectable autoimmune disease they paint them with the psychiatric brush and call it a day.  The tragedy is that the class of disease I am telling you about right now, which are the complete opposite of autoimmune, are much more devastating and serious.  When an inflammatory/autoimmune disease like Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus is the result of “Lyme”, the thing that spirochetes had to do with it is reactivating the viruses (mostly EBV), and those are the true causes.  This is what the NIH found when they had separate MS/Lyme and Lupus/Lyme divisions.

iceberg illness model #2.jpg

This is very important to understand- spirochetes cause the opposite of autoimmune.  When something like MS or Lupus develops, it is the reactivated viruses that are to blame.

ILADS had a chance to tell the truth and be good guys.  Kathleen Dickson was a member of ILADS all the way back in 1999 and even wrote their original Klempner Rebuttal.  They know about OspA disease, so why aren’t we hearing this from them?


They actually SAID that they would NEVER talk about Dearborn or OspA because they did not want to sound like Kathleen’s “parrot”.  They relented the truth for whatever bullshit reason knowing that people were dying and not everyone would be able to afford their exorbitant cash fees.  They don’t care about us as an organization and while I can appreciate that not every doctor associated with ILADS is being malicious, I can say that at the very least every doctor in this country and the world over is DUMB.  They never asked what OspA is.  All these years and it never occurred to them to ask the most important and obvious question.

At this point admitting what OspA is goes against their business model.  Talking about OspA would invite malpractice suits and their entire reason for existing would be obsolete.

Don’t lose sight of what this is all really about- peoples lives.  Exposing this fraud and revealing the truth brings Justice for all.  No more suicides, no more burying our kids, no more souls living their last days alone in the woods when they lost their home because they couldn’t get disability benefits, no more ridicule from our friends and families, no more exploitation of our desperation, and no humiliation from doctors who themselves are suffering from Dunning Kruger Effect.

The disease itself is the crime.  The knowledge that has been imparted is the real deal, it is not bullshit, and every single thing that TruthCures says point by point is corroborated with black and white PROOF.  This is not a matter of opinion, there is nothing to agree or disagree about, the facts speak for themselves.  This is the complete picture using the scientific method and showing that this same thing happens in parallel.  So listen, please.  Millions of lives depend on this and doctors have not done a damn thing to help, not even ILADS.



5 thoughts on “The Persistent Lie

    • Until the true disease mechanism is recognized we are stuck in limbo, and our only option is to fight for a criminal prosecution. The only thing any of us can really do to repair tissue damage in the meantime is exercise, and I know that its almost cruel to suggest to anyone with this disease. I have it, too, obviously.. so I completely comprehend how much that answer sucks. But it’s the truth, and until we all do our part to help out then we will remain in this bondage. My advice is to fight alongside the amazing people who are already demanding a criminal prosecution, and fight like hell.

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