There is no question that “Lyme” disease is really post sepsis syndrome which is largely about reactivated latent viruses and opportunistic infections of all shapes and sizes because of the whole wrecked immune system by Pam3Cys issue.  In fact, there never was.  Imagine that.. all of this “controversy”, all of the denialisms, all of the brain warp on behalf of the “experts” is a complete and total FARCE.

The fundamental question here is this:

If OspA vaccination alone caused the same disease without whole spirochetes, then what is the disease?

Spirochetes cause immunosuppression.  OspA vaccination causes immunosuppression.  Spirochetes shed, or bleb their outer surface proteins (Osp’s) as they go through something called antigenic variation.  Antigenic variation is the mechanism that certain germs use to evade the hosts immune system.  They change their outer surface proteins, like taking off one coat and putting on another, and this is what makes it impossible to vaccinate against as a single antibody is useless.  Borrelia are Relapsing Fever organisms and this antigenic variation thing is what got them their name.  They relapse and remit and the nature of the relapse is antigenic variation.

Whether it’s a tick or a syringe it does not matter, once you have OspA getting munched up by your immune cells it is GAME OVER in as little as 10 days.  Now you have an Acquired Immune Deficiency also known as AIDS.  It is the outer surface proteins that cause the immune suppression.  This isn’t about spirochetes drilling through tissues.  This is about them shedding endotoxins and shutting your immune system down permanently.  Literally everyone says so, except ILADS…

Look at this graphic closely:



Dattwyler in 1988 proving that fungal supernatants (like LYMErix) cause immune suppression:

“……[Figure 4] demonstrates that when lymphocytes are cultured in the presence of growing B. burgdorferi (in BSKII media) there is a marked inhibition ( p < .0005) of NK activity on days 3, 5, and 7 when compared to lymphocytes cultured in BSKII media in the absence of spirochetes. This effect is not due to a selective depletion of or toxicity to endogeneous NK since viability studies and monoclonal antibody studies demonstrate no significant changes after culture with the organism (FIG.5). The inhibition is directly attributable to the organism or its products, since supernatants from the organism cultures also inhibit endogeneous NK without prior exposure (data not shown).”



Fikrig says OspA is a triacylated lipoprotein managed by TLRs 2 and 1 that causes immune suppression:

“Vaccination with Borrelia burgdorferi outer surface protein (Osp) A can induce a protective response against Lyme disease and serves as a model to understand the generation of protective immune responses against the spirochete. The innate response to pathogens is activated by specific Toll-like receptors (TLRs) that recognize distinct pathogen-associated molecular patterns. TLR2 is of particular interest for B. burgdorferi research because TLR2recognizes several pathogen-associated molecular patterns, including lipoproteins. TLR2 may form heterodimers with TLR6 to identify diacylated lipoproteins, while TLR2 works in concert with TLR1 to recognize triacylated lipoproteins such as OspA. We will discuss the role of TLR1/2 in the development of responses to OspA in TLR1-and TLR2-deficient mice, and in selected individuals that received the OspA vaccine. While > 95% of human OspA-based Lyme disease vaccine recipients develop OspA antibodies, a very small group of individuals did not develop detectable humoral responses against OspA. We demonstrated that this hyporesponsiveness to OspA vaccination was associated with decreased cell surface expression of TLR1. Moreover, TLR1- and TLR2-deficient mice did not develop significant levels of OspA antibodies following vaccination with OspA, providing a correlation with human hyporesponsiveness to OspA. These data suggest that defects in the TLR1/2 signaling pathway are associated with an impaired ability to generate antibodies following immunization with OspA lipoprotein.



Baumgarth in 2015 saying that Borrelia causes immunosuppression and tolerance in the immune system:

Furthermore, influenza immunization administered at the time of Borrelia infection also failed to induce robust antibody responses, dramatically reducing the protective antiviral capacity of the humoral response. ”   http://journals.plos.org/plospathogens/article?id=10.1371/journal.ppat.1004976


Marques on how OspA causes cross tolerance in the immune system:

“Toll-like receptors (TLRs) trigger innate immune responses via the recognition of conserved pathogen-associated molecular patterns. Lipoproteins from Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease, activate inflammatory cells through TLR2 and TLR1. We show that stimulation of human monocytes with B. burgdorferi lysate, lipidated outer surface protein A, and triacylated lipopeptide Pam3CysSerLys4 results in the up-regulation of both TLR2 and TLR1 but the down-regulation of TLR5, the receptor for bacterial flagellin, and that this effect is mediated via TLR2. TLR4 stimulation had no effect on TLR2, TLR1, and TLR5 expression. Human monocytes stimulated with TLR5 ligands (including p37 or flaA, the minor protein from B. burgdorferi flagella) up-regulated TLR5. In addition, TLR2 stimulation rendered cells hyporesponsive to a TLR5 agonist. These results indicate that diverse stimuli can cause differential TLR expression, and we hypothesize that these changes may be useful for either the pathogen and/or the host.”  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16479520


Duray and Steere in 1986 saying this is lymephoma with reactivated EBV:

The plasma cell precursors are large, appear tumor-like, and can resemble Reed-Sternberg cells. Others look like typical immunoblasts (FIG. 1). In one example, cervical lymph nodes show cell degeneration with karyorrhexis and nuclear debris of lymphoid elements. This patient had repeated high fevers and marked discomfort of neck nodes. Large atypical immunoblasts can also be seen in the spleen and bone marrow. The red pulp of the spleen is congested, not unlike that seen in infectious mononucleosis.”      http://www.actionlyme.org/1986_DuraySteere_EBV_Lymphoma.pdf


Duray in 1989 saying this looks like cancer again, with EBV transformed cells:


If you want to know what spirochetes really do to humans, READ THIS REPORT.     http://www.actionlyme.org/1989_IDSA_Duray_EBV_transformed.pdf


Gary Wormser straight up says “OspA causes immunosuppression”:

“The magnitude of modulation was directly dependent on the quantity of OspA. OspA interferes with the response of lymphocytes to proliferative stimuli including a blocking of cell cycle phase progression. Future studies designed to delete the particular region or component of the OspA molecule responsible for this effect may lead to improved vaccine preparations.”         http://www.actionlyme.org/1999_Wormser_OspA_Causes_Immunosuppression.pdf




You get the picture.  Here is the Key File List, and of course the Charge Sheets are basically just a list of references PROVING exactly what this disease is all about.  Most of it is from the Cabal’s own journals.  Funny/not funny.

So why are we all even here?  Why has the media NEVER told the story?  Why have doctors completely FAILED us and more importantly our children?  Why won’t the government admit immune suppression diseases are a thing outside of HIV for the most part?  What is this obsession with “autoimmune” ONLY diseases?  Why won’t the Department of Justice do their job?  WTF is happening?  And what do we do as the victims of this, how do we move forward to save ourselves but more importantly all of these children?

This is easily provable research fraud.  The Cabal fraudulently changed the case definition and testing to exclude the sickest patients, the neurologic immune suppression cases, to qualify their fake vaccine that they knew caused the same exact disease you get from a tick bite.


This is a criminal matter.  Criminal matters require criminal prosecutions.  A very obvious and blatant CRYME was committed against humanity and the perpetrators have been living full and free lives ever since.  While we bury our babies, lose young victims to suicide, become homeless, endure abusive spouses, financially flop etc… the Cabal who’s fault this is have enjoyed their cozy salaries, nice homes and abuse-free lives.

Often my friends and I are told that we shouldn’t sound so angry.  Well, I’m sorry, but we all NEED to be angry about being murdered.  This is one of those situations where anger is actually necessary.  We need to all be angry enough to storm the DOJ and demand that they stop the murder of millions.  There is a special place in hell for those who kill children and to stay silent about it is to be complicit.  We may be blunt but it is because of the incredibly underwhelming response from the rest of the population.  We don’t have time to beat around the bush.  We have asked politely for 40 years to be heard and it has only ever elicited laughter or nothing at all.

The mechanism behind how spirochetes cause such a devastating disease is the same mechanism by which vaccines can cause the brain damage we call Autism.  Think about how many millions there are who are dying and disabled because a handful of individuals wanted to commercialize tick borne disease.  This crime has effected other diseases that are like it by stalling out research.  There are 2 million new cases of Lyme disease a year just from tick bites and half of those cases go on to eventually develop disability.  That is just tick bites.  Factor in congenital lyme, 1/36 kids acquiring autism from vaccines and other vaccine related assaults, mold exposure, and all the other ways you can end up with post sepsis syndrome…  What are we going to do with all of the sick people who can’t move let alone work?  It is dizzying to try and imagine the strain on society as a whole.

“We have no time for bullshit, ever.  Not with this much suffering.” — Kathleen Dickson; Pfizer Chemist, LYMErix Whistleblower (and Hero)

Fight back.  EVERYONE says OspA causes immunosuppression.  To talk about anything else is just a distraction.  No one is getting away from the fact that OspA is a triacylated lipoprotein and not a vaccine.

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