What ILADS Won’t Tell You.

The newest movie from TruthCures about the Tick Borne Disease Working Group (TBDWG) dog and pony show brought to us by HHS.  It is a MUST SEE.

Cryme Disease: A Dissection 



If ILADS really wanted to help they would use the existing science to validate our suffering and they would use their platform to expose the crime and vindicate us.  We can’t have a double standard- if we expect the bad guys (CDC/ALDF) to be honest then we need to have the same expectation for merit when it comes to ILADS.  Everyone needs to answer as to what the structure and function of OspA is.  OspA is the key, it is absolutely imperative that it is addressed.

If OspA vaccination alone caused the same disease we know as “Chronic Lyme” without whole spirochetes, then killing spirochetes is not the answer.  Whether you get OspA from a tick bite or a syringe it does not matter, it causes the exact same disease.  OspA is an outer surface protein on spirochetes.  It is just an antigen, it is not alive, you cannot kill it or detox it and get better.  It just doesn’t work that way and ILADS has completely fumbled here.  Their mission is to obliterate and kill all of the bugs but that will never reverse post sepsis syndrome which is what “Lyme” really is.

There were no co-infections or biofilm in the LYMErix vaccine, either.  

Look at this graphic closely.  Imagine spirochetes flinging off these blebs that are slimed with immune suppressing Osp’s, immune cells coming along and munching them up and then turning into zombies.  If you killed all of the spirochetes do you think that the living dead zombie B cells would magically revert back being functional?  Nope.  Not happening.


“We don’t accept sub-par treatments from The Lyme crooks because we know it is bad. So why do we accept it from other doctors?  ….and when you run out of money, no doctor is interested in you anymore.  If one could strengthen their immune system to a point where it can fight off the infection, wouldn’t that be better than an antibiotic? A big problem is that ILADS says one main thing. “You need more antibiotics.” So if ILADS acknowledged the one big huge thing, that it is about immunosuppression, then their main reason to exist would not really be there anymore. Immune suppression means if you can fix the immune system then you don’t need a lot of antibiotics. But their reason to exist has become all about antibiotics. They have painted themselves into a corner and we pay the price. Get it?”  -Jerry Seidel, President of May12 and researchfraud.com

Isn’t it curious how far the goal posts have moved?  From killing spirochetes for 7 years straight, to also killing co-infections, to using rife machines, to biofilm, to MTHFR, to the diets, the supplements, Horowitz ridiculous 16 point map that leads your money straight into his pocket, to juicing kale on a full moon with socks full of onions and coffee in your you-know-what…..

Everything except what this really is and why none of that works- Post Sepsis Syndrome.  B cell AIDS.  Cancer-like.  

OspA is Pam3Cys, it always has been and it always will be.  That fact alone is enough to put the criminal Lyme mafia in prison for RICO and Color of Law Abuse charges and get ILADS a healthy dose of malpractice suits and shut down their business for good.  We have been duped.  We have been betrayed by those who we thought were the good guys and we are oppressed in the first place because of a scientific fraud crime committed thanks to the abuse of the Bayh-Dole Act.

It is fundamental to understand what OspA is and what it does to understand what this disease is.  The disease itself is the crime.  OspA is quite the paradox being that it is what causes our bodies destruction but it also has the capability to free us from the torture, abuse and exploitation.  OspA is the elephant in the room that no one wants to address because if we did the entire house of cards comes crumbling down.  Both sides of the false dichotomy lose.  The only ones who stand to benefit from exposure of the truth is us.  The victims.

The false dichotomy that we have going on is literally killing people.  It is literally killing our kids and setting up the 1 million new patients a year (2 million total, but it has been said that half the cases fail even early treatment) who will eventually become disabled for the same fate we are suffering through right now.  The false dichotomy is the same dead horse debate that we have been having for decades about persistent spirochetes VS no spirochetes.  On one side we have The Cabal (CDC/ALDF) who committed scientific fraud by falsifying the testing and changing the case definition of Lyme disease to mean only arthritis in a knee for the purpose of conforming the disease around their vaccine model.  On the other side we what are called the The Carpetbaggers in the movie above– ILADS and all the fake non–profits– who are malpractice treating patients with antibiotics and charging exorbitant fees and excluding the poorest, sickest patients from getting any help at all.  ILADS is treating a disease that is an Acquired Immune Deficiency largely about common reactivated viruses like EBV, Herpes and CMV etc with antibiotics.  The non-profits are simply treating this as an opportunity to bank off of the atrocity, they have no intention of saying anything true.

There is no money in truth.

These two sides have a manufactured “War” going on that is actually the perfect symbiotic relationship.  As long as everything stays the same there are no consequences. The CDC/IDSA/Dearborn Cabal side are facing enormous repercussions like prison for the rest of their miserable lives.  ILADS is facing massive malpractice suits and they will also have to say goodbye to the money train from their 2 million new potential customers every year.  If everyone knows that this is really Post Sepsis Syndrome then there is no reason for ILADS to exist.  Both sides benefit from everything staying exactly as it is.  What we have here folks is a good ole fashioned good cop/bad cop scenario.  Another question is why is the government pretending that immune suppression diseases aren’t a thing?  Why won’t they admit that this whole class of diseases are all caused via the same mechanism?  OH, right!  Because it betrays the way pediatric vaccines are supposed to work and it also exposes how bioweapons work..

iceberg illness model #2

I hear it constantly “well ILADS is the best we have and they are better than the CDC/IDSA so we shouldn’t be bashing them.  At least they offer something!”.  NO.  JUST NO.  What about those who are dying and homeless as a result of our passiveness?  Those who are left for dead as a result of our settling as a collective for unscientific BULLSHIT?  Why should our kids have to settle for something that doesn’t work and only rich people can attain anyway just because the people offering it have “good intentions” and believe we are sick?  Sorry, but this kind of mentality is literally killing us and it is killing our kids.  Settling for false hope is a dead end, when will we learn from the history?  ILADS is a business, and admitting that OspA causes the same disease destroys their entire business model.  It really is that simple.

“Why do we see our friends here on Facebook losing their homes? Why are we here swapping miracle cure modalities? Sure, there are good doctors with good intentions, but when the money runs out and you’re still sick, what help are good intentions? At the end of the day, ILADS, the organization, exists to drive patients to their member doctors who will order tests through Igenex and line the pockets of ILADS’ founder.” -Beaux Reliosis, TruthCures Co-Founder & badlymeattitude.com Blog

We have all been duped.  There are three sides to this story and so far most have only heard two.  It is time for us to tell the third side because no one else will.  Kathleen Dickson was a Analytic Chemist at Pfizer for 10 years as a Validations Specialist.  Her job was literally to look at things like the Dearborn testing method we are stuck with and figure out if they worked.  So she is qualified to know that this is complete bullshit, it is straight up FRAUD.  Kathleen Dickson blew the whistle on the LYMErix vaccine to the FDA and got it off the market before it hurt anyone else, especially kids as New York was about to mandate it for children.  Kathleen was a member of ILADS and it is her name as the main author on ILADS original Klempner Rebuttal.  THEY KNOW.

“Well, true is true is true is true. We have no time for bullshit, ever. Not with this much suffering.”  –Kathleen Dickson, Pfizer Validations Specialist, Analytic Chemist, LYMErix Whistleblower, Co-Founder of TruthCures.org and ActionLyme.org, crymedisease.wordpress.com

“What about the 50% who will never recover?  What about the millions who can’t afford food, let alone treatments with a Lyme Doctor?  What about the millions who don’t even know they have Lyme and are trying to convince themselves that their doctors are right about them just being depressed and crazy?  Most importantly, what about the kids whose families have zero resources?  

Why is everyone so content to settle for a situation where so many are left to suffer and die while only a handful who have thousands to spend are able to take the 50/50 coin toss to try to recover or improve?  Why isn’t everyone outraged and demanding justice?  Why are there only about 20 of us who can tell you what OspA is and why you can’t get help?  

We are loud because we have to be in the midst of so much silence.  We sound angry because children are being murdered right in front of us and no one else seems to be reacting at all.  We throw ourselves to the wolves to defend the hard to hear truth because we are not cowards, and we have integrity that keeps us from telling comforting lies. We are standing up for those who are the most desperate and sick and we are attacked constantly for it, sometimes viciously.  

We defend the truth because someone has to, and we demand Justice for all victims because politely asking has only brought more torture, suicide and death.

I am so sick of people pointing out the anger like its a bad thing.  Passiveness has only brought more death.  Positivity and gentle hugs don’t stop kids from dying or 2 million new cases a year.  

Empower yourselves with this life saving knowledge and stop kicking those of us who are fighting this war for ALL VICTIMS in the shins.  If you truly understand what is going on here there is little more to feel than anger and outrage.  

It is so incredibly naive to say that this information kills hope.  It IS hope.  It is the ONLY hope.  

Read the Charge Sheets.” –Me

Lyme is a CRYME, not a controversy.  We are all served death sentences and left to die because of a crime, but ILADS has never told you that.  Hell, they haven’t even told you how spirochetes, the things that ruined your life, cause disease in the first place.  ILADS has NEVER used their platform to help any of us or any of our kids in any capacity.  Sound harsh?  Yeah, the truth is bitter.  It will set you free but first it will piss you off.  It’s all a sham.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I respect the victims enough to give them the truth.  You deserve the truth. Don’t shoot the messenger, and receive it well, friends.  Let’s work together exposing the truth and striking at the root.  No more messing around, no more doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, and no more settling for less than we deserve.

“For some reason, patients will defend ILADS until their last breath. If ILADS was doing right by us, why did they vow to never again talk about OspA after learning about it? If ILADS doctors were so great, why do we have thousands of online support groups, many with over 10,000 members. With so many of us being in the same boat for decades! Why do they require you to pay up front in cash for all treatments? Is it possible they know that you stand a 50/50 chance of getting back on your feet again, and that’s not a gamble they are willing to take? Has an ILADS doctor ever told you that you have a 50/50 chance? Of course not! Why do their prices keep going up? Why is it $1000-$3000 just to walk in the door? Do any of the nonprofits promoting ILADS use their millions of dollars to help fund treatment for patients with ILADS doctors? Do any of them give a dime to such things?  Any nonprofit that is simply fighting for the right to more antibiotics, and for them to be covered by insurance, is not truly advocating for Lyme patients’ rights.”  -Sarah Brandau, Activist

So if the crime is the disease itself then what is everyone hiding from you, the victim?  This right here:

Spirochetes disseminate to the lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen and brain within a week of infection (1). Lymph node germinal centers, where B cells are supposed to mature and be assigned an immune system function, are rendered incompetent (2). Meanwhile, the toxic triacyl lipoproteins that are shed by spirochetes on blebs of their outer surface get to work causing tolerance and cross tolerance (2,3,4), AKA shutting down the immune system (5,6). There is generalized immune suppression at the same time there are brain inflammation and neurologic complications (7,8,9,10). Opportunistic infections take hold and herpesviruses reactivate (11,12). Half the cases don’t recover fully, regardless of treatment (13,14,15). The outcome is cancer-like (16,17).        THIS is Lyme


“What they’ve done is create a situation where patients face extreme abuse when they take their diagnosis outside of the ILADS construct. They say you have Lyme disease; the rest of the world follows the Dearborn standard that says Lyme disease equals a high antibody concentration and an arthritic knee. That gives them (the rest of the world) free license to call you crazy–you must be making up those symptoms because Lyme is not a severe, prolonged, life-threatening disease. And the thing is, Nick Harris was there. He objected to Dearborn. http://www.actionlyme.org/HARRIS_IGENEX_DEARBORN.pdf

So, they’re holding patients hostage to a treatment regime that doesn’t address the true disease of post sepsis syndrome. Then they expect the very same abused patients to protect their doctors through activism and additional financial support when their practices come into question.”  -Beaux Reliosis, TruthCures Co-Founder & badlymeattitude.com Blog

OspA is Pam3Cys.  Killing or detoxing or boosting or rifing or doing or taking any of the things that are currently available only to those who can afford it won’t fix B cells.  The only ones who want this fixed are us, the victims.

What is the treatment for post sepsis syndrome?  Everyone “just wants to get better”, YES.  Everyone does, of course.  The first step in getting better is prosecuting this scientific crime so that we can start addressing what the disease really is.  Until then we are stuck in limbo where we are abused, slandered, libeled, tortured, exploited, thrown out like trash, abandoned by our families, becoming homeless, helplessly watching our children suffer, denied disability, and living like ghosts.

There is a new vaccine being fast tracked by the FDA from the French company Valneva. The last vaccine, LYMErix, is the sole reason that we are being murdered still to this day.

“There are NO OTHER lipoprotein vaccines and all other attempts to create one for other diseases failed in the exact same way LYMErix failed.– Show the parallel models.”

 –Kathleen Dickson, Pfizer Validations Specialist, Analytic Chemist, LYMErix Whistleblower, Co-Founder of TruthCures.org and ActionLyme.org, crymedisease.wordpress.com

iceberg illness model


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