Guest Blog- The Not So Obvious Downside To Alternative Treatments For Chronic Lyme Sufferers By: Anonymous

The Not So Obvious Downside To Alternative Treatments For Chronic Lyme Sufferers 

By Anonymous


In many cases of illness we look for complimentary help or treatments.  Whether it’s cancer or HIV we figure at the very least these alternative treatments couldn’t hurt.  Why then in the case of Lyme should it be any different?  Well, for one thing Lyme is not acknowledged as a real illness by the mainstream medical establishment, unlike HIV and cancer.  This means part of the battle for these patients is to constantly fight for the validity of their illness. Currently, if you get bitten by a tick your treatment options are psychiatry or a cash upfront underground syndicate (ILADS). 

At this point everyone is off looking for their magical cure, their Lorenzo’s oil.  However, when OspA, the driver of Lyme disease is not recognized, alternative therapies stand in the way of getting proper acknowledgment, research and development and ultimately a cure.


Here’s how:

It is much easier for someone who is chronically struggling with illness to turn to a vendor or doctor offering a miracle cure, whether it is valid or not, than to admit the current political and medical reality of their illness as not having a real treatment or cure.

But in all actuality the real hope lies in this latter realization.  

Much like in New York City Circa 1987, AIDS patients realized the severity of their situation and were outraged.  They got angry, they marched, protested their asses off and ultimately received changes to policy, legislation and received validation that changed the fate of their illnesses forever.  Furthermore, funds began to pour into AIDS R&D. The ACT UP was fast underway when just two months later President Reagan made his first public speech about AIDS and established a Presidential Commission for the illness.  Today, AIDS patients are living longer and better quality lives and their outcomes are continuing to improve.  

So do what you need to do and try any treatment that you think will help you survive until tomorrow, but don’t lose sight of the real goal. Don’t forget what history has taught us. There is a huge difference between finding pills or protocols that might help a little and actually making shit happen for a better future for millions of us. We are in the middle of the biggest medical holocaust in history. Alternative treatments are not bad in and of themselves.  But remember they are usually very costly, prohibitively expensive for most Americans and serve as an opiate of the Lyme masses without moving us forward. 

Remember that the Lyme vaccine caused the same immunosuppression disease like AIDS.  85% of Lyme victims had this chronic neurologic immune suppression outcome.  The CDC then excluded all of these people from the case definition to profit from a fake vaccine.  In other words, antibiotics, alternative treatments or the newest supplements are not the way to treat this illness. We need to stop this Lyme madness for everyone – for the sickest of us, the homeless, our children and future generations. 

Neurological Lyme is the only illness in history where progress has actually gone backwards. So take your supplements but stop getting distracted by them and other alternative treatments. We deserve a real cure. Take a page out of the AIDS movement playbook, get mad, march your ass off and #ActUpForLyme!


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