There is only one truth. If you don’t stand with it you’re against it.

“No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.”

― L. Frank Baum


I’ve had writers block for a while now.  I am usually guided by what seems to be pissing me off the most and that’s how I pick my topics.  Lately what I’ve been feeling the most passionate about is the simple fact that those who we generally perceive to be the “good guys” are actually not all that good.  They aren’t even “okay guys”.  That has been a big pill to swallow on the messy, often maddening journey into Lymeland.  All of the lives that have been obliterated over this CRYME.. all of the lives lost too early..  all of the lies.  This is a semantics game and ultimately the false dichotomy over whether the argument is persistent spirochetes or no spirochetes is complete bullshit.

“Lyme disease” means that you have an arthritic knee and no other symptoms according to the “bad guys”.  “Chronic Lyme disease” means that you have a persistent bacterial infection as far as the “good guys” are concerned.  The truth is that both sides are wrong.  Their absolutist claims leave them dead in the water.  Spirochetes cause an Acquired Immune Deficiency or Post Sepsis Syndrome.  I am not asking you to believe me, but for the sake of all these innocent children I am asking you to please hear me out and then go and see the facts for yourself.  There is only one truth, and it is not about being right or wrong.  Facts just simply exist, they simply are.

The disease is the crime, the crime is the disease.  They are synonymous.  The mechanism behind how spirochetes cause disease is what the cover-up is all about.

This is the entire crime in one picture:  WESTERN_BLOT_TCvERSION

As you can see there are two ways it can go if you end up with spirochetes inside of you.  “They” know this, too, because they very clearly state it in their patents.  When it comes to patenting different Lyme related “products” they certainly know how to detect it, but when it comes to humans they suddenly become daft.  One outcome is an HLA-linked hypersensitivity response, these cases have high antibody production and their only symptom is an arthritic knee.  These are the patients who test CDC positive and this group only accounts for 15% of total cases.  They are not sick like the other group.  The other 85% of the population, like you reading this right now, are halfway into the grave because we got the really severe outcome.  The much more common outcome.  This outcome is chronic neurologic Lyme and it is really a B cell AIDS, or post sepsis syndrome.

LYMErix is the reason we are all left for dead.  The AIDS-like outcome was wiped from the diagnostic standard and the case definition because it conflicted with their vaccine model.  It really is that simple.  They molded the disease to fit their vaccine and test kit patent enterprise.  As soon as the idea popped into their murderous little minds it was a mad dash to the patent office to abuse the Bayh-Dole Act.  The plan was to commercialize all tick borne diseases.

OspA vaccination alone caused the same “multi-system, protean” disease that we all get from the transmission of whole spirochetes from tick bites.  OspA injection alone, from a syringe, without spirochetes, causes what we know as “Chronic Lyme”.  The antigen that was used in the LYMErix vaccine caused the same disease we are all getting from ticks.  Whether it is from a tick bite or a syringe it does not matter.  If you get OspA into your body, because it is Pam3Cys, you are going to get a disease that is called Post Sepsis Syndrome.  Look at this graphic, see all those little balls?  Those are the blebs and that is what was used in the vaccine and what is shed or blebbed from spirochetes:

OspA with data2

Spirochetes don’t cause disease by persistently drilling through your tissues.  They cause disease by shedding blebs, that are covered in outer surface proteins (Osp’s) in a mechanism called antigenic variation.  Antigenic variation is when they change their outer surface proteins as a diversionary tactic to evade the host immune response.  The problem being that the Osp’s are actually Pam3Cys, a fungal endotoxin that causes immune suppression.  Antigenic variation is why you cannot vaccinate against spirochetes, and it means that borrelia are Relapsing Fever Organisms.


We have known for 108 years that Relapsing Fever is a permanent brain infection.  If you want to know what Lyme disease really is these are the two reports that you need to see:

Duray cancer:lyme

Paul Duray, a top Army pathologist, reporting in the IDSA’s own journal “On occasion, these atypical-appearing large lymphocytes have been misinterpreted by several laboratories as cells of a malignant lymphoma or leukemia.  Bb antigens, then, may stimulate growth of immature lymphocytic fluid subsets in some target organs, as well as in the cerebrospinal fluid.  Usual bacterial infections do not produce such lymphocytic infiltrates in tissue.  These immunoblastoid cells in Bb infections at times resemble those found in Epstein-Barr virus infections.  Does Bb reactivate latent virus infections in tissues?”

Why yes, yes they do.  Spirochetes are detonators.  They cause immune suppression and opportunistics take over and latent viruses reactivate.  That is what Post Sepsis Syndrome is all about.  We see the same thing happen in parallel with immune suppressing drugs for transplant victims and regular hospital acquired sepsis events.  It is very common knowledge and not mysterious or controversial or even up for debate.


Here, we have Allen Steere himself in 1988 reporting that this is like PSEUDOLYMPHOMA.  “Diffuse visceral involvement in this acute stage mimics infectious mononucleosis or disseminated viral syndromes”.

See this link for a more detailed explanation into these graphics as well the links to read the actual reports.  Also included are more recent reports from Nicole Baumgarth of UC Davis describing how spirochetes cause immune suppression, immune tolerance and cross tolerance:

So, the science is settled.  Spirochetes cause a B cells AIDS/Cancer- like disease that is very very serious.  Go to and read the Charge Sheets for a gazillion more proofs.  That data validates your suffering, and it offers the solution out of this mess.

Imagine that you have these wonky B cells floating around in your spinal fluid, and if you could kill every last spirochete (you can’t, BTW) in your body, do you think that your body would magically say “Okay!  Coast is clear!  Let’s un-damage these B cells and everything will be back to normal now!”.


Killing anything does not fix those B cells.  Immune tolerance and cross tolerance means that it will all just grown back relentlessly.  THIS is why people stay sick.  THIS is why the relapse rate is so high.  THIS is what the cover-up and fraud is all about.  THIS is the TRUTH that will save our children.  What really pisses me off is that treatments exist for this stealth lymphoma like state of immunosuppression, but here we are, stuck in limbo because no one cares about truth or scientific facts.

So WTF is wrong with all of these organizations- like ILADS, who keeps moving the goalpost from biofilm, to this herb, to that vitamin- to anything else except the scientific data that proves why you and your children are suffering and not getting better.  A crime was committed and these non-profits like The Lyme Disease Association (LDA) and Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) are raking in millions in donations to do what with, exactly?  WHY are they not talking about the one thing that would vindicate us all? Why have they never even mentioned how spirochetes cause disease, the reason we are all here in the first place?  Why are we not allowed to talk about the true nature of the disease that is killing us and killing our kids on Facebook?  At the end of the day ignoring this is literally killing children.  We need to suck it up.  Save a life and accept the responsibility and humility it takes admit that you believed the wrong person.  You were lied to, it’s not your fault.  You can’t un-know this stuff.  So if you are reading this and then continue drinking ILADS Kool-Aid then yeah, maybe I will judge you.  What can I say?  I want to see our kids get better.  I want this to end.  You should, too.  (Not directed at patients, necessarily.  More directed towards those who claim to be advocates but harm us all by being ignorant.  I promise I really am a nice person and my only intention is to see the victims get the help they deserve.)

ILADS can’t change their tune now because they’d be setting themselves up for malpractice suits and of course humiliation.  The CDC/IDSA can’t admit these truths because they’d have to admit that they are too incompetent to be an authority on what diseases are and are not, as well as the Cabal having to go to prison for the rest of their lives.  Another thing, and this is a big one, the true mechanism behind Lyme disease betrays the way that pediatric vaccines are supposed to work.  So….. yeah.

Again- we have all been duped.  We have all been betrayed by those we thought to be on our side.  I am not trying to be petty or cause a divide, I am trying to get YOU, the VICTIM, the TRUTH that you deserve.  The supposed “good guys” are placating us and feeding us false hope while raping us for every last dime we have then throwing us in the trash, financially ruined and still sick.  What about those who can’t even afford to try?  We should all be outraged by this.  Look at the French Revolution, or any revolution in history.  Things changed when people got ANGRY enough to cause a rift.  The mothers in France demanded bread for their starving children, they did not ask politely.  So let’s learn from history, let’s know our true history here with the biggest medical crime of the century and cause a rift, dammit!

This war has been raging for 40 years.  Let’s not go another 40, or even 5 years.  Anyone who is speaking on behalf of us as a collective needs to be held accountable.  If they can’t answer as to what OspA is then they need to shut the fffffff up and get out of the way and let those of us who are serious about the mission to rectify this monumental tragedy do the work.

We all need to be asking the same question- “What is OspA?”–  and have the same demand- “Prosecute the Lyme Cryme!”.  Keep the big picture in mind here.  Not everyone can afford to self treat.  There are innumerable victims out there who don’t even know that they are victims who are trying to convince themselves that they are indeed just anxious, depressed, or have Fibromyalgia or CFS.  Babies are born into this nightmare every single day.  Young people are killing themselves because it is their only treatment option.  No one else is out there fighting for you.  You are the savior you have been waiting for.  Get involved.  Look and see for yourself.  Every single one of us who has ended up coming to the same conclusion.  That’s how truth works, it just simply is.









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