Verbal Comments to TBDWG

February 12th, 2018

Verbal Comments to the TBDWG from myself and Kathy Nodolf

(Pat Smith hilariously rolls her eyes at us 😂)

This video includes 3 comments:

“First off I’d like to remind the WG that borrelia are relapsing fever germs and just like the rest they are capable of antigenic variation.  That fact alone makes it a ridiculous notion to attempt to vaccinate against it, and asinine at best to say that vaccines for spirochetes work by turning human blood into tick disinfectant.  Secondly, OspA is Pam3Cys, a fungal like endotoxin that causes immune suppression and that means it is the OPPOSITE of a vaccine.  

 For the last 18.5 years   the activist groups ActionLyme, and now TruthCures, have been filing complaints with every dot gov agency anyone can think of.  This was even brought the FDA formally, that OspA causes immune suppression and a systemic disease (say Dattwyler and Philip), and I’m directly quoting here from a patent owned by David Persing and Robert Schoen, who say OspA causes a disease “indistinguishable from late chronic neurologic Lyme”, but never ONCE has any dot gov agency or MD answered the question as to HOW OspA alone could cause the same exact “multi-system, protean disease”.  NO spirochetes, SAME disease.  
The science was settled as far back as 1986 when for example Paul Duray, who is a top Army pathologist, reported that the lymphocytes in spinal fluid looked like leukemia or lymphoma and appeared to be “Epstein Barr transformed”.  Also in the 1980s it was Allen Steere himself who reported that this was like psuedolymphoma.  Gary Wormser has reported that OspA causes immune suppression 3 times now.  
 Do we really not know anything about relapsing fever organisms?  Post treatment Lyme disease syndrome, or “Chronic Lyme”, or whatever you want to call it is really an acquired immune deficiency or what the NIH calls Post Sepsis Syndrome.  Everyone says so.  There is no question.  Every subcommittee needs to viewing the disease through the lens of this really being a B cells AIDS.  The only way forward is for HHS to admit the role of OspA as a stealth disabler.  OspA could never have been a vaccine, it never was and it never will be because it is a fungal-like endotoxin.  Spirochetal diseases are not easily treatable infections, they are acquired immune deficiency detonators with a cancer-like twist.  
We demand that you answer as to what the structure and function of OspA is and that alone will give you the foundation to squash all of the controversy. 
If this committee fulfills its intended purpose altruistically you will look at the existing science to validate what is really going on with Lyme disease and you will recommend a criminal prosecution and stop the madness. has all of the data in their charge sheets.  
Thank you.”
Kathy’s Comment

“Hello, my name is Kathy Nodolf.  

The biggest complaint I have about the controversy regarding Lyme disease is the vehement denial of facts, truth and real science that exists today.  There is only one truth, not tailor made versions of it to suit each and every one of us.  

This committee will have failed everyone if the US government does not state for public record  what exactly OspA is  and what its’ structure and function are.   The answer to this will cut to the chase and answer all other questions.  If we know it is a fungal endotoxin that causes immunosuppression, then we can end this false dichotomy over persistence and antibiotics!   Killing spirochetes is not the answer to this disease.

There has been a crime committed here.  The crime is the falsified case definition of Lyme disease.  We demand prosecution of the individuals who are responsible for changing the case definition at the 1994 Dearborn conference chaired by Barbara Johnson of the CDC and aided by  Allen Steere’s research fraud used  to falsify the case definition.  This conference facilitated the approval of the since failed LYMErix vaccine, which has  been pulled off the market for CAUSING the same MULTISYSTEM disease as those of us suffering from Neurolyme.    OspA was In the vaccine and OspA and other lipoproteins like it are shed with blebs or other exosomes by spirochetes.  Spirochetes cause disease by going straight to the germinal centers of our lymph nodes (SEE THE WORK DONE BY NICOLE BAUMGARTH AND STEVE BARTOLD).   The disease is the crime and the crime is the disease.  

The current testing makes absolutely NO sense when you understand that Borrelia are relapsing fever germs. Borrelia is differentiated by their flagellan genes (DNA).  Since all relapsing fever organisms are capable of antigenic variation (they can change their outer surface proteins as a way of evading the host’s immune system).  The only scientifically valid way to test for Borrelia infections would be to test for flagellar antibodies instead of outer surface proteins because it is specific and never changes.  Testing for so many antibodies all at the same time is NOT logical or valid by any standard.  Yale’s Fikrig and Flavell patented a test in 1991 (patent number 5,618.533) which is 94-95% accurate during ALL stages of the disease.  This is obviously the test that should be used!

Until we get the correct definition of the disease we will never find a cure.  We have wasted too many years and too many dollars trying to fix a disease that is currently defined incorrectly by design. 

I am tired of watching my friends die and suffer torturous lives due to this crime.  The insanity of it all needs to stop NOW!

Go to for all of the scientific validation needed to prosecute this crime.”


February 12th, 2018; Beaux Reliosis’ Written Comment:

November 28th, 2017; Kathleen Dickson’s Written Comment:

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