Why won’t anyone tell the truth about Lyme disease?

You know what they say- there are three sides to every story.  His, hers and the truth.  After 40 years the media still has yet to act with integrity and tell the world the truth about Lyme disease.  All that they have managed to do up until this point is regurgitate the false dichotomy over and over.  The feigned power struggle between the CDC/IDSA and ILADS is the perfect symbiosis, ripe for both sides to benefit and ultimately it is us that suffer while they prosper.  It is a complete farce.  It’s all bullshit.

Because I can’t say it better than my dear friend, Beaux, I’m going to quote her.  Please read her entire post as it is of utmost importance that we, the victims of this atrocity, know what we are up against.

“People need to understand that at the root of the problem is a crime of scientific fraud, and that the reason we never get anywhere is because the criminals have all the power, hold important positions at universities and federal agencies, and maintain the FALSE DICHOTOMY argument of persistent infection or not, through controlled opposition, bought media, crooked journal editors, pharma funding, medical societies, political influence, and disinformation campaigns within the patient realm.”

And then..

Face it: as a community of very ill people, we’ve been duped. We’ve been trained to believe, all these years, that our plight is one of antibiotics vs. no antibiotics. This is the false dichotomy that I mentioned earlier. We’ve been kept prisoners behind walls of lies upon lies upon lies, guarded by people who were supposed to be on our side. They were supposed to protect us, heal us, help us escape. They have failed.      https://badlymeattitude.com/2017/08/09/lyme-friends/

They have failed greatly.  So our only option is to pick up the slack and start screaming about what is really happening down here in the trenches of Lymeland.

This picture right here sums up the entire crime.  THIS is why we are left for dead but not before we are thoroughly abused by the cult-like medical system and berated and abandoned by our friends and family.  THIS is why are punished for falling ill, treated like we seemingly made the choice to become bedridden and continue making the choice daily to suffer, isolated and alone.  THIS is what all of the infighting is about, all of the misunderstanding and misinterpretation, all of the animosity among the “Queens and Kings” of Lyme.




“Lyme” disease for 85% of the population is a disease of immunosuppression.  B cell AIDS.  Lyme-phoma.  Post sepsis syndrome.  Denial of the true mechanism of disease hasn’t only effected tick bite victims but other diseases that are like it as well.  The denial has halted needed research.  Millions of people including children have been literally tortured to death.  This type of crime is a RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) charge, according to multiple lawyers including Richard Blumenthal and Jeff Sessions legal staff, and those carry life sentences because at the end of the day this is straight up MURDER.  Innocent people are getting tick bites, falling deathly ill, then slandered and told they are crazy the rest of their lives.  It’s not just Lyme, either.  This is happening to ME/CFS, GWI, Autism and other failed vaccine outcomes, mold illness, fibromyalgia….etc.

(READ THIS for an explanation of what Lyme disease really is.)

Last night in the wee hours of the morning (because when you are this sick you’re either awake 20 hours a day or sleeping 20 hours a day) I was having a conversation with someone who I consider to be a real life superhero.  Her perspective and insight in to this issue are many things, but most importantly they are true.  She was telling me how this is really about common sense and that if doctors had any ounce of virtue or even simple logic for their chosen profession they would be the ones on the front lines fighting this war and demanding that authorities free their patients from this medical prison.

Why aren’t doctors the ones who are saying “Hey now, there is something funny going on here and it is preventing me from doing my job.  I can’t help my patients under the current circumstance and someone needs to fix this, dammit!”.  They never have.  Before you say “But, ILADS!” think about the people who can’t afford to pay cash.  Think about the people who have tried everything and are still sick and all they have to show for it is an empty bank account and a wheelchair.  Look at the celebrities who have traveled the world in search of relief, all of that money cannot save them.  It’s because the disease isn’t about biofilm, spirochetes drilling through tissues, parasites, or anything else that you may have been told up until this point.

Why has ILADS never even mentioned to any of us that what prevents us from being helped is an actual scientific research fraud crime?  Why have they foregone the VERY common sense question “If the vaccine caused the same disease we know as “Chronic Lyme”, without spirochetes, then what is the disease?“.  If OspA injection alone ruined lives and caused the same devastation we all got from a tick bite then this isn’t about a chronic bacterial infection.  It never was, and it never will be.

The false dichotomy is that this is about spirochetes vs no spirochetes.  It’s a month of doxy vs 7 years of multiple, aggressive IV antibiotics and onion socks and rife machines and 68 supplements a day and ozone and hyperbaric oxygen and detoxing and carrot juice and neural retraining and being positive and praying and hoping and and and and……  The goal post keeps moving meanwhile the answer as to why all of this fails has been available the whole time.  None of this stuff fixes B cells.duray-5


Look at any other disease and you will see doctors and patients disagreeing about the best treatment modality.  For example, in the world of cancer some think that chemo is the best option and others believe that Gerson therapy is the better way to go.  So, going back to common sense, we should not let our disagreements about how to treat Lyme disease stand in the way of us uniting and working together to get this thing prosecuted.

Facts are facts.  OspA is Pam3Cys.  That is our ticket out of this mess.  Ignoring it because it challenges your beliefs and opinion condemns the rest of us to die.  If your resolve is only to help the patients who are rich enough to afford antibiotics and for those who do respond to them you are part of the problem.  Half the cases fail even early treatment.  Some of those cases are children.  Think about it.  Poor kids deserve relief, too.


Half the cases fail:  “Chronic Lyme:” It’s a Coin Toss


We have been campaigning for awareness and antibiotics for 40 years.  All we have to show for it is a lot of victims dying before they turn 60, young people committing suicide because of the unbearable nature of the disease, children being robbed of their childhoods, yet full bank accounts on both sides of the fence of those who prosper as long as things are left the way they are right now.  The criminals who committed this crime in the first place all have nice jobs and homes.  The criminals on our own side who have promoted the continuation of the fallacy, who are parasitizing off of our misery while lacking any sort of integrity towards other humans, are rich off of their malpractice books and speaking events and charging $1,200 an hour.  These doctors and organizations know that most ordinary people can’t afford to see them, so why aren’t they doing anything to change that?  We need to stand up to this and demand that the truth is brought to light.  We must demand accountability from those who profess to be on our side.

I heard a horror story about a famous LLMD in a group recently so I looked up his reviews.  What I found was shocking.  While we have these warm, fuzzy imaginings of these brilliant, compassionate doctors the reality is that the patients who see them have a very different experience.

(I encourage you to go and see the rest of this yourself as I’m only including a few out of multiple pages.  His overall grade was 3.5 stars https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/111029/Dr-Richard+I.-Horowitz-Hyde+Park-NY.html)


horowitz 2horowitz1


So, there you have it.  The most famous LLMD is a total jerk.  This is a common theme that those of us who have been around a few years see.  As soon as you run out of money you’re thrown out like trash, you are blamed if you don’t respond and forget trying to get support in a support group when you want to complain about the very real experiences you’ve endured.  God forbid the negative experience you had with everyones favorite LLMD shatters the illusion.

Common sense.  Common sense right now to me means that we need to prosecute this crime and stop with all the BS or we are going to continue to be stuck in the vicious cycle of abuse.  Jump off the hamster wheel.  Come and check out what TruthCures is offering.  We have validated your suffering by proving that the disease you have is very serious.  We can ultimately vindicate you and get you out of the prison that you’re stuck in.  Doctors have defaulted.  The CDC has defaulted and they are going to have a heck of a time gaining trust from the public after all of this genocide.  Between Lyme, vaccines, ME/CFS, GWI, mold illness etc. the body count is most certainly in the millions at this point.

Please, don’t kill the messenger before you hear the message.  Every single one of us who has read the Charge Sheets and watched the free documentary has come to the same conclusion- this is our ticket.  This is how we end this.  We prosecute the crime.  We don’t get stuck on talking about treatments forever or arguing about what the disease is.  We get over ourselves and we do the right thing.  We respect each other and future victims enough to be loyal to the truth even if we don’t like it.  The facts don’t care what any of us think.  It’s time to make history.

We all need to start working to tell the third side of our collective story, the truth.






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