Scientific Fraud and Intent to Harm – “Lyme disease” means you just have a bad knee since 1994

There are three sides to every story, and in the past 40 years only two have ever been told.  We need to be loud in telling the third side, the truth about this disease.

This is the deal.

“Lyme disease” means that you only have an arthritic knee with unusually high antibody production since 1994.

  As most of us know- that is the problem.  There are two outcomes, and right now only one of them is allowed to be diagnosed or treated.

 We victims don’t really care what anyone calls this, we just want help as we are suffering with several neurologic diseases at the same time.  Suffice it to say that calling it “Chronic Lyme” leaves a bad taste in my mouth the more I learn about the cryme.   It has lost it’s meaning.  This disease is so much more than just a chronic bacterial infection as implied by the term “Chronic Lyme”.  The old paradigm is the one we are trying to bring back.  Everything before about 1990 is pretty accurate when it comes to this disease, anything after 1990 is based on scientific fraud.

Patent owners who were also CDC officers and members of the propaganda firm fake non-profit the ALDF had a mission.  The mission being-  *make Lyme disease mean ONLY the rare lots of antibody making arthritic bad knee kind* – so that the disease would only be 15% detectable.  In 1992 Steere went to Europe and illegally used high-passage strains and added the ELISA to make sure that at least 85% of tick bite victims could never be diagnosed so that later he could say LYMErix was at least 85% effective.  Let’s put it to rest once and for all that, YES, the diagnostic standard really did change.  This change occurred in 1994 after the infamous Dearborn Consensus Conference.

Pre-Dearborn Diagnostic Criteria

It is recommended to do serial western blots and look for fluctuations in bands.  These criteria were based on Steere’s 1986 findings about antibody responses where he also noted that band 41 was the first to show up and that band 41 is sufficient for diagnosis.  Steere says that because band 41 (flagella antibodies) are specific to spirochetes you don’t even need to do further testing and you can tell the difference between other spirochetal diseases like syphilis based on symptoms alone.  Also note that he says new appearance of IgM is suggestive of spirochetes remaining alive throughout the course of the illness.

“Using immunoblots, we identified proteins of Borrelia burgdorferi bound by IgM and IgG antibodies during Lyme disease. In 12 patients with early disease alone, both the IgM and IgG responses were restricted primarily to a 41-kD antigen. This limited response disappeared within several months. In contrast, among six patients with prolonged illness, the IgM response to the 41-kD protein sometimes persisted for months to years, and late in the illness during arthritis, a new IgM response sometimes developed to a 34-kD component of the organism. The IgG response in these patients appeared in a characteristic sequential pattern over months to years to as many as 11 spirochetal antigens. The appearance of a new IgM response and the expansion of the IgG response late in the illness, and the lack of such responses in patients with early disease alone, suggest that B. burgdorferi remains alive throughout the illness.”

pre-dearborn diagnostic criteria CDC  

Post Dearborn Diagnostic Criteria

Now, all the sudden, seemingly out of nowhere and to no benefit to patients, the diagnostic criteria has changed.  After the Dearborn conference in 1994 everyone is only catching hypochondria from ticks unless they produce an unusually high amount of antibodies all at the same time while having a swollen knee.  Previously he says that patients can have up to 10-11 different positive bands in total throughout the course of the illness.  NOW, he says that you can only have the disease if you produce at least 2/3 IgG bands and 5/10 IgM bands at the same time.

Steere made sure that no one that was actually sick could be diagnosed by also illegally adding the ELISA by way of research fraud.  It seems that the criminals involved in this were making up their own rules as they went along.


Spirochetes are constantly changing their outer surface proteins (Osps) and western blots are measuring antibodies to these Osps.  These osps are also endotoxins that cause immunosuppression, so there’s that, too.  The sickest patients will never qualify for proper diagnosis and treatment because of  the immunosuppression using the current two-tier method and that is exactly the point.  As a result of this scientific fraud I can’t even begin to imagine how many people have been tortured to death.  Fortunately these assholes are stupid enough to have left so much evidence laying around that we can use to nail them and put them in prison where they belong.

post-dearborn CDC diagnostic criteria

Steere also added the ELISA

A normal chromatography assay is 3 standard deviations above baseline noise, yet Steere used 5 standard deviations for his cut-off.  He raised the bar so that the chronic neurologic outcomes would be ruled out in the first step.  This means that 85% of the sickest patients are being denied early diagnosis and treatment.  Get this- it was never even necessary to use an ELISA in the first place.  This was another act of fraud, and a blatant one at that.  Steere already knew that antibody concentration was low in the majority of patients.  The only reason to do this was to make it appear that the disease was just an HLA-linked hypersensitivity response bad knee to further execute the plan to commercialize the disease and then do the same with all other tick borne diseases later.

Why would Steere do this?

That is a good question.  There was no reason for him to go to Europe to do this deed of condemning 85% of tick bite sepsis victims to be tortured to death in the years to come.  ONLY does it make sense if you add LYMErix into the mix.  After all, the *primary immunodominant antigens* that he left out in Europe are exactly what was used in the fake vaccine (but real endotoxin)- OspA/B.  You don’t use the same antigens for testing/diagnosing that you use for a vaccine because you won’t be able to tell whether the antibody is from the vaccine or germ in question.


The Problem Using High-Passage Strains

What is a high-passage strain?  From our favorite whistleblower, Kathleen Dickson:

“High-passage” is almost exactly like George W. Bush.  Too much inbreeding leads to incompetent strains.”

A high passage strain is weakened in the process of growing the bugs in a Petri dish as is also the case for spirochetes insides of humans.  (HINT: persisters are weak or high-passage therefore not responsible for the chronicity, it’s because the shed blebs *like OspA* are endotoxins that cause irreversible immunosuppression then reactivated viruses and opportunistics 😉)  With each passage, or transfer into new medium to keep the culture alive, the bugs get less virulent.  Spirochetes get wimpier as they drop their plasmids and lose virulence over time, so you could say that we all have our own high-passage strains in our bodies.

It is not recommended to use high-passage strains to diagnose “Lyme disease” because of this dropping of plasmids and lost virulence.  Using a high-passage strain for Western Blotting means that fewer bands will show up even if the antibodies are in the blood because the bugs may not have that plasmid and therefore won’t generate the antigen against which the antibody is made while a LOW-PASSAGE strain would produce more accurate results.  These weaker, wimpier strains should never be used for diagnosis because they have dropped the antigens that antibodies are made against that you actually want to measure in patients blood, unless you are Allen Steere.  This is the negative data rule that Kathleen is always talking about, purposely not finding what you don’t want found.

Using this G39/40 high-passage strain is straight up FRAUD.  The vaccine trials were already underway at the time.  That was the purpose.  Using the high-passage strains that have dropped the OspA/B plasmid makes it look like they are not primary immundominant antigens when he previously reported that they were.

Steere G39:40 strain

Then the case definition of the disease itself was changed

Barbara Johnson (who owns patents with SmithKline in Europe) sent out invitations to labs all over the country inviting them to the Consensus Conference in Dearborn, Michigan.  At this point it is 1994, LYMErix vaccine trials are underway, and all kinds of patents have been filed.  The patents tell a different story than what these CDC officers are telling the public and in them it clearly draws the conclusion that there are two different outcomes of the disease, one being the HLA-linked arthritis and the other is the severely disabling tick bite sepsis.


The conference was supposed to be about standardizing the method of Western Blotting and not how to read them.  Although these patent owning criminals didn’t really care what any of the invitees had to say- they already had their plan in motion and there would be no stopping them- only one lab agreed with their proposed method, MarDx, who was given HLA-linked Lyme arthritis positive blood to qualify their Western Blot test strips.  Still, besides MarDx, the average assessment for accuracy using this falsified antibody panel was only shown to be positive for a lousy 15% of cases.  All of the other recommendations were ignored so this obviously wasn’t about “consensus”.

Johnson and Barbour’s patents were only worth money if the case definition of the disease was to include ONLY the HLA-linked arthritis outcome that we know today as “Lyme disease”.


Wormer says Steere’s method only detects 9/59 cases:

Borrelia are Relapsing Fever germs, but somehow Steere wants everyone to believe that they act differently than all the rest and aren’t capable of causing a real disease- BUT GET THE VACCINE.

So now “Lyme disease” means you only have an arthritic knee and that Bb spirochetes no longer act the same way as all the rest of Relapsing Fever germs.  This entire scam revolved around LYMErix being on the market.  The criminal cabal was creating a monopoly on ALL tick borne diseases.  They had a master plan to commercialize all of the tick borne diseases that they could find, they even made sure that only their labs could receive the blood so that they could identify then patent the pathogens.  After that they would make separate vaccines and test kits to sell.

Because Relapsing Fever organisms are undergoing constant antigenic variation the only way to test for them is to test for flagella as it never changes.  When the cabal was filing for patents they patented the flagella because its the only part that is specific, but they didn’t use flagella for testing to diagnose patients suffering from these infections or to qualify the LYMErix vaccine.

While marketing the vaccine they had come out with all of this data saying how devastating Bb infections were and everyone needed to be vaccinated against this terrible brain and central nervous system infection.  See the “Biomarkers” Charge Sheet.  Simultaneously, when it came to testing, they said that anyone that had more symptoms than that of just a bad knee were crazy.  So, you tell me, either they are the dumbest “experts” on the face of this Earth, or they are LIARS.  Let’s be real- they are both.

Coincidentally the same time that all of this fraud and cryme is going down the ALDF was founded.  The ALDF is a false claims racketeering propaganda firm who’s mission is to discredit and slander their victims.  This fake non-profit’s board is littered with shady characters and still exists today.

The mafia are terrified of YOU, their victim, knowing these things.  Tell the third side of this story.  Read the Charge Sheets on and watch the free documentary LYME CRYME on YouTube.  Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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