“Chronic Lyme” isn’t about spirochetes, it only starts with them.

New video from the LYMErix Whistleblower, Kathleen Dickson.  A MUST SEE!

clay model spirochete

What is “Chronic Lyme” disease?

If OspA injection alone caused the same disease, what does that mean for tick bite victims?

Spirochetes are their own phylum, they are not a regular bacteria.  Spirochetes do not cause disease in the same way that other bacteria do due to the fact that they shed or bleb fungal-like antigens.  These shed blebs are triacylated lipoproteins managed by TLR 2/1 (Toll-Like receptor) which means they are endotoxins.  Anything managed by TLR 2/1 is fungal in nature. When you look at the structure of OspA it is Pam3Cys.  Pam3Cys is used to induce experimental sepsis, it is well known to cause immunosuppression.  Some idiots decided to inject OspA into humans and call it a vaccine.


 “Experiments with TLR2-knockout mice confirmed that the inhibitory effects of Pam3Cys depend on the expression of TLR2. We studied the effects of TLR-agonists on early steps of B cell differentiation by analyzing IL-7 responsiveness and phenotype of early B cell precursors: we found that both lipid A and Pam3Cys impaired IL-7-dependent proliferation; however, while lipid A up-regulates B220 surface marker, consistent with a more mature phenotype of the IgM(-) precursors, Pam3Cys keeps the precursors on a more immature stage. Taken together, our results suggest that TLR4 signaling favors B lymphocyte maturation, whereas TLR2 arrests/retards that process, ascribing new roles for TLRs in B cell physiology.”           https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15905502

The type of immune destruction in tick bite sepsis is one of tolerance and cross tolerance.  What that means is that your body loses the ability to recognize or fight other pathogens.    It is a B cell AIDS-like outcome.  Here is a report from Baumgarth in 2015:

Baumgarth immunosuppression


Spirochetes do all of the damage in the first week.  They go straight to the lymph nodes and set up shop, then straight to the brain and chronically inflame it.  Past the initial septic event (tick bite or OspA infection) the disease is largely about immunosuppression and  is the complete opposite of autoimmune (inflammation).  Doctors are really only trained to look for inflammation, this is why no one can ever find anything wrong with tick bite victims.  Your body has lost the ability to mount an immune response which is the basis of inflammation and that is what endotoxin tolerance is all about.  It is NOT just a chronic bacterial infection.  Focusing on persistence alone is only serving to prolong everyones suffering as this disease really belongs in oncology.  People with the inflammatory outcomes like MS or Lupus are the people who have the HLA hypersensitivity predisposition to the viruses.  It’s not about the spirochetes directly, it’s what comes after.

What happens when you have immunosuppression?  Common latent viruses that everyone has like EBV or CMV reactivate and cause all kinds of problems.  Killing any bugs will not reverse the damage that was done in the beginning.  Now that your B cells are zombies and you have spirochetes and EBV living in your lymph nodes you have what is called post sepsis syndrome.  EBV for example does this thing called inhibition of apoptosis and that means that the programmed cell death is overridden.  An infected cell is supposed to commit suicide when it knows it is infected, but in this case the action of apoptosis is inhibited.  Voila, very very very debilitating chronic multi-system neurologic illness.

This is why killing bugs of ANY kind will not cure this disease.  Antibiotics or any other killing drug or herb do not un-damage B cells.  Busting biofilms is not the answer either as to why people remain ill.  You may feel better temporarily from killing of opportunistics like mycoplasma but they will grow back and that means relapse.  It’s a vicious cycle to be stuck in.  So, main point is-

  • The LYMErix vaccine caused the same disease because OspA is Pam3Cys
  • Persistence is not the driver of the disease
  • The disease only starts with spirochetes, its the lipoproteins that cause sustained illness because they are fungal-like (managed by TLR 2/1) and cause endotoxin tolerance
  • Immunosuppression always results in the activation of common latent viruses
  • Post sepsis syndrome is the appropriate name for this disease outcome
  • Killing any type of pathogen will not reverse this B cell AIDS outcome
  • This disease really belongs in oncology, it’s not just a chronic bacterial infection

Why does this disease belong in oncology?  Because of those bad B cells.  Check this out:

1988 steere:duray



Duray cancer:lyme


What they are saying is that the pathology in Lyme patients is not just an autoimmune bad knee.  What they found were “atypical-appearing large lymphocytes” that on occasion have been “misinterpreted by several laboratories as cells of a malignant lymphoma or leukemia”.  Keep in mind that Allen Steere is one of the worst offenders when it comes to the cryme.  Here we have him saying in 1988 that spirochetes are found in the spleen, liver, bone marrow and lymph nodes and that “the plasma cell precursors appear large and tumor like resembling Reed-Sternberg cells”.  Importantly this is also telling us that “the red pulp of the spleen is congested, not unlike that seen in infectious mononucleosis”.  But after they decided they wanted to commercialize tick borne diseases in the early 1990s all the sudden people are only catching hypochondria or a bad knee from ticks.

They changed the testing and the case definition to sell a fake vaccine that was really an endotoxin, that is the CRYME.  Lets prosecute the b@stards.






3 thoughts on ““Chronic Lyme” isn’t about spirochetes, it only starts with them.

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    • The treatment would need to address the problems with B cells and immune tolerance. The disease is really post sepsis syndrome and there is no established treatment for it other than palliative. However, the NIH thinks that stem cells might work and there was a study that had good results with a B cell depleter called rituximab.


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