Congenital Lyme – Maternal-Fetal Transmission Documented

Babies are born with Lyme every single day.  Mothers that know they are infected express concern to their doctors or OBs and are typically blown off.  These kids don’t stand a chance at a normal life when they are quite literally born into this nightmare.  It has been proven over and over that spirochetes can infect babies in utero yet “experts” declare that this data doesn’t exist.


“The death of the newborn was probably due to respiratory failure as a consequence of perinatal brain damage.”– Yale Department of Pathology.

“In our case and in two other cases of congenital LB there was no significant inflammation in any organ examined”  

That is very important because it is exactly what TruthCures has been saying this whole time.  The disease isn’t about inflammation, it is the opposite- post sepsis syndrome.

“Orally administered penicillin sufficient to clear erythema migrans of the mother was apparently not curative for our child.”

So despite antibiotic therapy during pregnancy transmission still occurred.


“We now demonstrate B. burgdorferi in the brain and liver of a newborn whose mother had been treated with oral penicillin for LB during the trimester of pregnancy.”

So whether or not the mother was treated it does not seem to matter in terms of maternal-fetal transmission.  The babies still had infected brains and other organs.  Also important to note in this report is that both mother and baby were SERONEGATIVE.  Here is the link:



Very clearly we can see that YES, transmission to the fetus DOES happen.  I guess our doctors are just the last to know.  This says the first case reported was all the way back in 1985.  Spirochetes were found in multiple organs and ultimately both of these babies died as a result of the infection.  So WHY, now in 2017 are we denying that this exists and allowing this go unchecked?  THERE ARE PICTURES OF SPIROCHETES FROM BABIES THAT DIED FROM MATERNAL-FETAL TRANSMISSION.


“…autopsy spleen sample showing a single spirochete near a fibrous trabeculum; proximal convoluted renal tubules showing Bb ***(note the absence of inflammatory cells)***; and spirochetes in sections of bone marrow….”

Allen Steere is one of the authors of this report.  NO INFLAMMATION.  From this same report this is what they say should be done for mothers who contract Lyme disease during pregnancy:


Prompt diagnosis and treatment.  Examine the placenta upon delivery.  If the infant is ill the diagnosis of CONGENITAL Lyme disease should be considered.

Funny, because now our doctors flat out deny that Lyme is congenital and all us Moms concerns are completely hysterical and this “idea” is downright unfounded.  Funny, because the same people who say this doesn’t happen are the same people who say that it does.  Funny, that us Moms are smart enough to figure this out but our doctors can’t.  Don’t let anyone tell you that your fears about your baby are unfounded.  They aren’t.  Moms know.  Here is your proof.

I know that mothers are being denied treatment during their pregnancies because it happened to me.  No one listened to me while I was pregnant.  My son was born and required full life support.  They all told me he was going to be okay.  But he wasn’t okay.  I was told that he would have brain damage or may never be able to breath without supplementing oxygen.  I had to take him for developmental assessments for two years before he got the clear that he was going to be okay.  We got lucky.  Others haven’t been so lucky.  Others have lost their babies.  I see it everyday that Moms are pleading for help because they can’t even get diagnosed due to the fraudulent testing and their doctors don’t give them the time of day.

This is directly from the CDC website:

“The possible association between Lyme disease during pregnancy and adverse outcome has recently received attention. Transplacental transmission of B. burgdorferi has been documented in a pregnant woman with Lyme disease who did not receive antimicrobial therapy. She delivered an infant with a congenital heart defect (1). The relationship between the intrauterine infection and congenital heart defect has not been established. In an effort to assess the risk of Lyme disease during pregnancy, the state and territorial epidemiologists and CDC have established a registry to enroll cases of Lyme disease in pregnant women before the outcome of pregnancy is known. Of the 19 pregnancies evaluated to date, none resulted in a child with a congenital heart defect. However, other adverse outcomes were found, including intrauterine fetal demise in the second trimester, prematurity, and developmental delay with cortical blindness. None of the adverse outcomes have been documented to be caused by Lyme disease. Outcomes of 14 of the pregnancies were completely normal. The risk of adverse outcome for pregnancies complicated by Lyme disease is not currently known. Reported by State and Territorial Epidemiologists; Respiratory and Special Pathogens Epidemiology Br, Div of Bacterial Diseases, Center for Infectious Diseases, CDC.”

One sentence says that adverse events including fetal demise have occurred, but the next sentence says that none of the adverse events have been documented to be caused by Lyme disease.  Are you as confused as I am?  Maybe this is why our doctors don’t seem to really know what to do.  The CDC may admit that congenital Lyme is a fact, but what good does it do for these Mothers and their babies if they can’t get diagnosed in the first place?

This is why we need to prosecute the Lyme Cryme.  Visit for more information on how you can help.

(If anyone knows where the video is of Shapiro saying that congenital Lyme has never been documented is please send it my way!  Otherwise it is in Under Our Skin so I can’t attach it here)

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