OspA is Pam3Cys. That’s What Keeps People From Recovering With Extended Antibiotics and Relapse

OspA – Outer Surface Protein A (Osp)

Pam3Cys – A triacyl lipoprotein, TLR 2/1 agonist.  You can use Google Images to see its tri-acyl (3 fatty acids) structure.  Pam3cys is a molecule that when inside the body it basically STOPS the typical immunity chain reaction

This is what overwhelms, or destroys the immune system when you have Lyme disease.  The effects are not undone by taking antibiotics.  Spirochetes shed their outer surface proteins (Osps) in a process or mechanism called antigenic variation.  Antigenic variation is what spirochetes do to evade the immune system.  Pam3Cys is an endotoxin.  You can literally buy this stuff and use it for inducing experimental sepsis.

OspA = Pam3Cys = permanent immune suppression or Post Sepsis Syndrome.

Imagine like in a spy movie, the bad guy (the spirochete) runs into a crowd and starts trying to change his appearance to confuse the police (the immune system) that are trying to catch him.  If no one knows what the coat he is wearing looks like then it is harder to spot him.  Spirochetes are constantly “changing their coats” for the same reason, to get away from the hosts immune system.  Antigenic variation is the reason that a vaccine for Lyme disease is impossible.  The nature of the relapse in Lyme disease is also antigenic variation. I wrote a series recently about LYMErix and I think that you will all find the information interesting as it answers most of the questions about why patients stay sick, how there are two different outcomes.. etc.  Click HERE for Part 1.  I also wrote another post about relapsing and why people stay sick despite antibiotic therapy, click HERE for that.

When OspA is shed and then munched up by an immune cell that cell is rendered a zombie, permanently.  Killing spirochetes doesn’t undo that damage, this is why some patients remain ill no matter what.  Here is a play-doh model to help us envision this 🙂

spiro clay model

Notice in this picture the ratio of blebs to spirochetes:

blebs with blerb

Spirochetes are bad and it’s best not to have them in your body.  Yes, they persist.  Click HERE for a blog post from Beaux about how unkillable they are.  But that isn’t the worst thing that they do.  These shed blebs are more responsible for driving than the disease than persistence.

Latent viruses reactivating in the presence of immune suppression is the RULE, never the exception.  

I am including a teaser of an excellent post by Beaux, it’s called “The Lyme Gut Punch” and it breaks down what the disease really is about.  PLEASE read the full post so that you can see all of the proper citations and see that this is all true.  The link is at the bottom.  There is also a link to TruthCures website, read the charge sheets for all of the data to back up what I am telling you.  You can also explore more about on this blog and the others listed on the sidebar, if you don’t understand how one of us says it then maybe you’ll better grasp how someone else does 🙂

The Lyme Gut Punch

Lyme brothers and sisters, I want to empower you, but this won’t be easy. Fair warning.

I had a really crappy job for six years. Part of what made it so bad was the lack of communication, lack of accountability and lack of balls when difficult news needed to be shared. Everything was lied about, hidden or sugar-coated. The company’s leaders promoted a culture of disrespect, in which we plebes weren’t good enough or smart enough to handle the truth.

It’s the same way with Lyme. Go to just about any “support group” or nonprofit Website and you can experience this culture, where those in power decide what the truth is, and what you’re capable of handling intellectually and emotionally.

At work we got a new vice president who promoted open communication. We were forced to read a cheesy book about giving and receiving feedback. It said that the type of feedback that is the honest truth but a bitch for the receiver to handle and accept, is called a “gut punch.” It’s the kind of feedback that you don’t want to hear, but need to hear.

Here is the painful but empowering Lyme gut punch:

“Chronic Lyme disease” is a misnomer. The crooks were right. You don’t have Lyme disease.

Now, before everyone starts composing their nastygrams, hear me out, and consider whom you should send them to. Hint: it’s not me.

“Lyme disease” as defined at the CDC’s 1994 Dearborn conference, is an arthritic knee hyper-sensitivity response–lots of antibodies scurrying off to do battle. What chronic Lyme sufferers have is the opposite–sub-immune. No antibodies doing anything. Post-sepsis. Immune paralysis. Acquired immune deficiency. At Dearborn they redefined the disease to exclude our cases because the vaccine, LYMErix, caused the same disease.

“But I didn’t get the vaccine, so it doesn’t matter.”

To be clear, the antigen in the vaccine, Pam3Cys (the same poison as OspA from Lyme spirochetes), caused “chronic neuro-Lyme” just as if it had been injected by a tick.

Let that sink in.

Pam3Cys, or OspA is the cause of “chronic Lyme disease.” Pam3Cys was injected by syringe–no spirochetes, no coinfections.

That means ticks are not necessary to cause Lyme disease.
Spirochetes are not even necessary.
All you need is something like E. Coli poop toxin (well known for eons as a sepsis-inducing poison), such as Pam3Cys/OspA.



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