Prosecution is the only hope we have left #TruthCuresLyme

Truth Cures.  Get it?

For so many the prosecution effort by TruthCures is the only hope that is left.  They have tried all of the treatments, they’ve spent all their money, nevertheless they are still dying.  There are children out there suffering in the worst way imaginable, day in and day out, year after year.  I have yet to fathom the outright denial of these truths in Lymeland, although most people have decided to side with the truth and it’s really showing lately.  Everywhere I look now there is chatter about TruthCures and the Lyme Cryme.  People are really getting it now and I couldn’t be happier!

Fortunately enough the only constant is change.  And wow!  Things sure are changing!  More recently our little ripples have turned into tidal waves.  It is of utmost importance that we all understand why Lyme patients are in the position that they are, that they are victims of a prosecutable cryme and that the truth is what will save us all.  You know what they say, there are always three sides to a story- yours, mine and the truth.  Arm yourself with the truth, read the charge sheets and be empowered.  The charge sheets validate everyones suffering and pave the way to vindicate every single sick person out there.

It’s the human condition to get caught up the negative.  It’s emblematic of crux of the issue here- that people, even babies, are dying for ONE reason.  That they are victims of a cryme.  Most of our activism is done on social media and thats because most of us are chained to our beds.  Social media is a double edged sword, but don’t be fooled about which side of the sword is sharper.  The positive side will prevail in truth and slice the curtain right down the middle and expose to the entire world what Lyme really is.  We have already started a revolution from our beds.  We are moving mountains.  The tide is turning and it’s because the truth has been gifted to us, we need to continue on this fight to success because all of our hard work is paying off.  Keep screaming “we are victims of a cryme!” and get even louder because we are being heard clearer than ever before.

 It’s not just a chronic bacterial infection.  It never was, and it never will be.

I guess this would be a good time to talk about the studies where the finding was that half the cases failed treatment.  This seems to be what people are getting hung up on, so let’s address this up front.  Some people seem to get better, and some don’t.  Relapses are common because this is a Relapsing Fever organism.  Here is Duray saying that “more than 50% will continue to suffer from disability due to this disease for months to years after treatment”.  Some people have more fatigue than others, some have more pain than others, some are completely disabled, and yes, some even die.  But it is not because they need to kill spirochetes, it’s because of what OspA is and what it does.  Read HERE for an easy to understand breakdown of what Lyme disease really is (post sepsis syndrome).

Dattwyler half the cases fail

Chui treatment fails half the cases

So while this sucks horribly, it does us no good to censor ourselves and each other.  Why should the emphasis be heavier on not talking about this for the sake of the patients who are getting better, rather than immersing ourselves in this truth for the benefit for those who are actively dying?  We know from our own experiences and time spent in support groups that some people just don’t get better.  Why do we police each other and not allow this subject to be explored openly?  Do they not deserve support and compassion?  We need to stop with this positive reinforcement crap.  This is about life and death, it serves no one to pretend that putting a positive spin on our lives being taken away is helping.  This SUCKS.  Let it suck.  Let it be what it is.  A spade is a spade is a spade.  If someone isn’t getting better and they are in this group that doesn’t improve I showed you above it is not because they didn’t try hard enough or spend enough money.  It is physiologically impossible for their body to recover from the treatments that are available today.  It is not their fault.  It is not biofilm.  It is not because they still drink dairy or because they don’t do coffee enemas.  It is imperative that we emancipate ourselves from half truths about this disease for the sake of all future generations.  Children are involved.  We need to be strong for them.

They are not recovering because their bodies have been stealth bombed by the triacylated lipoproteins shed by borrelia and they now have a chronic post sepsis syndrome, B cells AIDS-like disease that is closer to cancer than an infection.

Duray cancer:lyme

“On occasion, these atypical-appearing large lymphocytes have been misinterpreted in biopsy by several laboratories as cells of a malignant lymphoma or leukemia.”.

That’s what antibiotics won’t fix.  It does happen to people, even children.  I am sorry if that is scary, but sometimes the truth is terrifying.  By no means does that make it okay to turn away from it.  That won’t make it go away.  Our opinions and sometimes downright ignorance has no influence on facts.  What is does influence is moving forward.  But let’s face it- this is moving forward with or without you.

But there is a promising hypothetical treatment in an ongoing study right now for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. patients with a drug called Rituximab.  Rituximab is a monoclonal antibody that targets CD20 on B cells and wipes them out.  As we see above Lyme disease (more specifically the bleb OspA that is shed by spirochetes) has a major effect on the immune system.  The B cells in the spinal fluid of Lyme disease victims are mistaken for cancer cells so it is logical to make the connection that a drug for cancer the targets B cells would help this group of patients.  What happened was some CFS/M.E. patients got lymphoma and were treated with Rituximab and their symptoms from CFS/M.E. dissipated as well.  I wrote about this a while back and you can read that HERE.  Once this is prosecuted the 50% that are not helped by extended antibiotic therapy could potentially access something like this and have a better chance at survival.

“The truth is spreading.  It can’t be unlearned, it can’t be unheard.” -Beaux Reliosis, TruthCures Co-Founder

I don’t know if you guys have seen TruthCures most recent video, but it is SO powerful.  In it, my dear friend and fellow activist plainly explained “the only hope for these people is prosecution“, she is so right, this is so crucial.  Another thing that is said in this video is “we need to take ourselves out of the equation and do the right thing for all these kids… its time to get angry“.    You can visit the TruthCures Facebook page and watch it 🙂

We need to start hacking away at the roots because hacking at the branches isn’t working.  This isn’t about any single one of us, this is about humanity at large.  This is about babies being born every day with congenital Lyme and all of those people walking around that have no idea that they are infected.  This is about everyone who has lost their life or felt so hopeless that they took their own.  It’s about the people who are homeless and have no money.  It’s about the people who can’t get disability because their disease doesn’t officially exist.

It’s about helping the other guy.  It’s about supreme altruism.  We demand Justice, now.




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