You Cannot Have a Lyme Vaccine.

In light of the FDA’s recent fast track for the new Lyme disease vaccine brought to us by Valneva, which is still made out of OspA, we need to to talk about this.

So what are spirochetes?  How do they work, what do they do?  Here are some pictures to help us:

Do you see all the little bubble things?  Those are the blebs, and spirochetes shed them and this is what antigenic variation is.  Having this ability allows them to evade the hosts immune system pretty dang effectively as most of us already know.  Spirochetes are exceptional self preservationists.

“Many researchers believe that the secret to B. burgdorferi’s infectivity and inflammatory capacity lies in the interaction of its surface proteins with the host’s immunological system. Yale researcher Stephen Barthold, a veterinarian and professor of comparative medicine who developed the first mouse model of Lyme disease, studies the expression of B. burgdorferi surface proteins throughout various stages of the spirochete’s life cycle. He finds that during the early stages of infection, B. burgdorferi avoids immune detection by decreasing its expression of surface proteins or cloaking its expressed surface proteins under a layer of slime. “It’s using some sort of stealth-bomber-type mechanism,” he says. Or, using another diversionary tactic called blebbing, the spirochete can pinch off bits of its membrane in order to release its surface proteins. Explains Barbour: “It’s like a bacterial Star Wars defense program,” in which released surface proteins might intercept incoming host antibodies, keeping the spirochete safe from immunological attack.”

As you can imagine this antigenic variation stuff keeps the host immune system pretty busy.  The hosts immune system has to constantly adapt to the different outer surface proteins (Osps) yet having one antibody like OspA, say the makers of LYMErix, doesn’t actually do any good if spirochetes get inside of the body.  They say that it works by something so asinine it’s a quandary how they even got this sh*t on the market in the first place.

“These and other findings indicate that the B. burgdorferi spirochetes alter antigen expression during infection so as to evade the antibody response and do not elicit effective memory responses to protective antigens (i.e., those that are expressed by all spirochetes and likely essential for infectivity). Thus, identification of suitable antigens for induction of protective immunity has been a challenge.”

They know that spirochetes do this antigenic variation thing, and that its why antibodies to just one Osp are useless inside the human body.  They say that LYMErix works by disinfecting the spirochetes inside of the tick gut.  The tick attaches, starts drinking the hosts blood, the OspA antibodies get inside the tick and kill all of the spirochetes before the tick regurgitates them back into the host.


“A Lyme vaccine based on OspA, which was recently approved for human use, is an example of the former. When a tick feeds on a OspA-vaccinated individual or animal, antibodies that have developed in response to the vaccine enter the tick gut and kill the bacteria inside the gut before the population has a chance to diversify. This prevents the transmission process from taking place, de Silva explained.”


(It’s not as slow as they say it is for transmission,  but thats for an upcoming post)


What they fail to mention is that OspA is Pam3Cys.  Because if they did then they’d have to admit that they committed one of the most heinous medical crymes in human history and waltz into prison willingly charge with crimes that carry life sentences.

OspA = Pam3Cys = immunosuppression and immune tolerance = reactivated viruses and opportunistics = multiple severe neurolgic diseases occurring simultaneously = life ruined.  

OspA is a triacylated lipoprotein, which makes it a very toxic endotoxin (more so than LPS) and a TLR 2/1 agonist.  I’m sure you’re probably thinking “….what the heck is that and why should I care?”.  A triacylated lipoprotein is very toxic to humans, its an endotoxin.  Everyone says so, it’s common knowledge.  A TLR 2/1 agonist is also very bad.  To call something like this a vaccine is completely erroneous and just plain stupid not to mention dangerous.  LYMErix injured it’s victims pretty severely, it gave them the same disease we know as Chronic Lyme.pam3cys image

Just like the graphic says these shed blebs, being an endotoxin, turns off the immune system because if it didn’t you would die.  Voila!  Just like that you have something awful called Post Sepsis Syndrome!  More commonly known as Chronic Lyme disease, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, GWI and all the other great imitator outcomes.  Once the immune system down regulates, or shuts off, or is paralyzed, or is overwhelmed, or develops tolerance, or whatever you want to call this state of chronic sepsis- all of the latent viruses that 90% of the population have reactivate and start causing problems.  Like EBV, CMV, all of the Herpes.  EBV is known as the cancer virus and Herpes are found in the brain tissue of people who died from diseases like Multiple Sclerosis.

“Herpes simplex virus was present in more MS cases than control cases and in more active plaques than inactive plaques.”

The Role of Epstein Barr Virus in Cancer.

So this is no secret, it’s common knowledge.  And it’s criminal.  Need I remind everyone that RICO charges carry life sentences?  These idiots picked the dumbest thing on the planet to try to pass off as a vaccine.  The LYMErix victims never got compensation and were slandered and libeled every step of the way.  They are still putting nonsense out there that the vaccine was removed due to “low sales”, but we know the truth and TruthCures has the data to prove it.  All of this victim blaming makes it even more crystal clear that all of these criminals are COWARDS.

“I recently wrote about the rise and fall of LYMErix™ (also summarized here, the only medical product ever withdrawn from the market not because of science but because of the incredible public to-do about it. The intense controversy may seem odd, especially since we have had a trustworthy and no-big-deal Lyme vaccine for dogs for awhile now; but the leap from man’s best friend to man proved complicated. The vaccine somehow was forced to swim against the riptide caused by both the pro-chronic Lyme crowd who regard the vaccine to be as bad as the disease, and the equally forceful anti-any-vaccine contingent.”

Okay.  So Lyme isn’t a serious disease and is easily cured by antibiotics, so why do we even need a vaccine?  OH YEAH.  BECAUSE $$$$$

Here all the victims stories in their own words: in Brain tissueThis is a graphic of spirochetes in brain tissue, I have a whole post on spirochetes effects on brains.  Lyme disease is a permanent brain infection, but then it’s just a bad knee and people are catching hypochondria only from ticks, but get the vaccine because it’s a very serious disease.  How can they even keep up with their own bullsh*t?  You know what they say, once you start lying you have to keep lying so as not to show your lapse in integrity..

To Be Continued… speak the truth ghandi

Don’t let anyone make you question whether you understand science right or try to tell you that you’re interpreting it wrong (but make sure you really do).  These criminals are obviously threatened in a very big way, like a cornered animal.  We got this.


7 thoughts on “You Cannot Have a Lyme Vaccine.

  1. We’ve gotten to the point where we hope those who choose a path of intentional ignorance that Lyme does not exist are stricken with this disease. Truly it is the only way they will understand. How sad and unfortunate that becoming ill with this deadly unrecognized disease is what it takes to get attention on this matter.

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  4. Superb information x delivered to be understandable please keep ilup the good work to help people from becoming like me, I wouldn’t wish this life on my worst enemy.

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