Lyme Patients are Victims of a Cryme

Lyme disease used to be known as Lyme Borreliosis.  It was renamed in the early 90’s when CDC officers and the ALDF (among others) colluded to commercialize Tick Borne diseases by making vaccines and test kits to sell.  All of the crimes committed, all of the research fraud, was all about turning a profit.

Before the “Consensus Conference” held in Dearborn, Michigan in 1994 Lyme Borreliosis was a well described disease.  When you see us referring to “Dearborn” what we are talking about is the crime that was committed at this particular conference.  This conference changed the Lyme landscape in a pretty significant way.  The data prior to Dearborn tells us that patients can have two different outcomes, that patients often test seronegative, that the disease had a profound impact on the immune system and often turned into a severe neurologic disease capable of permanently disabling patients.

The two outcomes:

The crime is the disease itself.  There are two completely separate outcomes and depending on what HLA you have determines which outcome you get.  The only one that is allowed to exist right now is what we refer to as “bad knee Lyme”.  Bad knee Lyme only accounts for about 15% of cases, it is an HLA-linked hypersensitivity response (think allergy) with lots of antibodies produced and they test “CDC positive”.  The other 85% of patients get what we refer to as “Chronic Lyme”, with neurologic symptoms and low antibody production.  This outcome is what we would consider seronegative.

They changed the testing and the definition of the disease:

Allen Steere went to Europe before Dearborn and committed fraud by changing the diagnostic criteria.  This is the two-tier method that we are still stuck with today.  By adding the ELISA he effectively made it so that the 85% chronic neurologic outcomes would be ruled out in the first step.  Before Dearborn the CDC said to look for fluctuation in antibody responses with serial Western Blotting (means test multiple times and look for changes in bands).

Dearborn scam

Then at the Dearborn conference they changed the definition of the disease to ONLY include the 15% bad knee type of Lyme.  This is why no one can be diagnosed or treated today.  This is the cryme that we are all victims of.

Why would they do this?

Because they wanted to sell a fake vaccine called LYMErix, and the only way to qualify it was to commit a crime.  By doing what they did they could say “Hey look!  We have an 85% effective vaccine!”, because those 85% of patients didn’t exist anymore.  LYMErix was giving people the same exact disease as “chronic neurologic Lyme”, and they didn’t want to admit it and lose out on all the money.  Plus they didn’t want to go to prison for murder.  This kind of crime is called a RICO which is:

“Passed in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.”


How could the vaccine give people the same disease if it didn’t have any spirochetes in it?

What they used in the vaccine was an outer surface protein (Osp).  Spirochetes shed or bleb their Osp’s as a way to evade the host immune system and this is what antigenic variation is.  The Osp that they chose for the vaccine, OspA, as it turns out is actually a potent endotoxin.  This is both why patients got sick from the vaccine and why they get sick from tick bites.  Doesn’t matter if you get OspA from a syringe or a tick, it does the same thing inside the human body.

OspA is a triacylated lipoprotein, pam3cys, TLR 2/1 agonist.  All of that means that it destroys the immune system and causes something called cross tolerance.  Cross tolerance means that your body is no longer capable of recognizing other pathogens either and this is why we hear the references to Lyme being akin to a B cell AIDS.  AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency and is not synonymous with HIV/AIDS (which is a T cell problem), there are hundreds of types actually.  Our immune system shuts itself off as a self preservation mechanism, if it didn’t then you would have a cytokine storm and die.  This state of B cells AIDS immunosuppression is called Post Sepsis Syndrome.

Here is a picture of the blebs, those smaller bubble looking things.  Notice the ratio of blebs vs spirochetes:

blebs with blerb

This is why TruthCures says that antibiotics don’t fix people.

Killing spirochetes does not undo the damage to the immune system.  This is why ILADS says that there is always a potential to relapse.  Patients initially feel better because once you have Post Sepsis Syndrome you pick up all kinds of opportunistics and latent viruses like EBV (and CMV, Herpes etc) reactivate and taking the load down can provide a certain level of relief.  But as we know from experience people relapse frequently and it’s because they have this B cell AIDS/Lyme-phoma type thing going on.

Here is what has been said about Lyme patients cerebral spinal fluid:

b cells quite atypical

“These cells appear quite atypical- not unlike those of transformed or neoplastic lymphocytes”.  Click the link above to see more on this specifically and for access to the full report where that picture came from.  I am trying not to overload this with too much as I am hearing from you guys that it’s overwhelming, so if you want further info just ask.  I’m happy to help point you in the right direction for citations and links :).  All of this stuff is on the TruthCures website, too.  Don’t be afraid of the Charge Sheets, we try to help make this information as easy as possible to digest with our blogs.  So if you don’t understand how one of us says it try another one of our blogs.

So to recap:

  • All Lyme patients are victims of a cryme.
  • The testing and diagnostic criteria are based on fraud
  • This is because the “Cabal” or the “criminals” (as we refer to them) wanted to make money off of tick borne disease vaccines and test kits
  • There are two types of Lyme disease, and only the bad knee type is allowed to be diagnosed or treated
  • We relapse after antibiotics because the damage to the immune system is not fixed by killing spirochetes
  • We are much, much sicker than even ILADS says out loud and we need more than just extended antibiotic therapy
  • This needs to be prosecuted and in 2015 our now current Attorney General at the Department of Justice (DOJ), Jeff Sessions’ legal staff, advised TruthCures to contact the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask for a Hearing for referral to the DOJ to move forward.  So that’s what we are doing now.


I’m sure a lot of you saw our campaign around Facebook in June when TruthCures members traveled to DC to lobby.  We asked that you contact your own Representatives as well as make phone calls to the Judiciary members and show your support for this prosecution effort.  You can find all of that information here in this post: History was made this week for Lyme patients worldwide and also on the TruthCures website.

Prosecution would mean that we could all be diagnosed with a test that actually works (owned by Yale for decades now), we could get disability, no more psych diagnosis’s, no more homelessness, people wouldn’t feel like suicide was the only way out, and our children would stop having their childhoods robbed from them.

Prosecution is the ultimate solution to this whole mess.  The cryme is why so many people have lost their lives, became homeless, and suffered.  TruthCures has the data to prove that you are as sick as you feel and validate and vindicate every single person out there affiliated with this awful disease, and so far our efforts have been having excellent results.  I want to thank every one of you who has made the phone calls and shared the message.  Together we can do this, just keep screaming “Lyme patients are victims of a crime!”.

💚    💚

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