Unabated Confusion & The Nature Of Relapse

First I want to get you up to speed about the HLAs.  There are two completely seperate outcomes to “Lyme disease”, without understanding this you may find it difficult to understand anything TruthCures says.  I will do my best to not get too technical or sciency- I know how hard it is to understand medical or scientific jargon when you have an infected brain.  So with that in mind please visit the TruthCures website to verify what I’m telling you 😉

So- HLA refers to human leukocyte antigen (go to YouTube and search for the khan academy video about B cells and professional antigen presenting cells, I will try to attach them directly to this post later.  Know that when you’re dealing with Pam3Cys the clam shell thing does not present antigen like it should, it mucks up this process.  I guess I need a post just about this ).  Depending on what genes you have determines what outcome you will have.  The CDC positive people have the HLA-linked hypersensitivity response (think allergy) and they generally do well.  They make a lot of antibodies and tend to only have a bad knee.  So when you hear us referring to the “bad knee people”, this is what we are talking about.  They aren’t very sick.   There is a very small (like 1.2%) percentage of cases that have this HLA-linked allergy type response to spirochetes AND they also get the outcome that we refer to as “Chronic Lyme” with neurologic symptoms.

The outcomes that result in little to no antibodies are much much sicker than the CDC positive people (except for that tiny subgroup), and we all know what that does to people.      The HLA hypersensitivity group accounts for about 15% of cases and the other 85% are the chronic neuro outcomes.  The 85% group gets immune suppression.

Borrelia Burgdorferi are Relapsing Fever germs and we’ve known for over 100 years that these organisms are capable of antigenic variation and that you can’t kill them in addition to shedding or blabbing their immune suppressing Osp’s.  The nature of the relapse is antigenic variation:

Antigenic variation refers to the mechanism by which an infectious agent such as a protozoan, bacterium or virus alters its surface proteins in order to evade a host immune response. It is related to phase variation.
antigenic variation:relapse

Spirochetes shed, or bleb their outer surface proteins (Osps) off.  This is antigenic variation.  This is why antibodies really don’t do any good, as soon as our bodies make antibodies to one particular osp they just switch it up on us.  This is how they evade the host immune system and why they persist.  These outer surface proteins make us sick, not necessarily the spirochete themselves.  OspA is a highly acylated endotoxin, TLR 2/1 agonist called pam3cys.  They are managed by TLR 2/1 which means that our bodies recognize them as fungal.  It does not mean that they are a fungus that you can kill and feel better.  TLR 2/1 manages fungal type stuff.  Humans just can’t take fungi, we’ve never been able to and I doubt we are going to evolve to that level of immune maturity any time soon.  They are also intracellular, that makes it so that antibiotics can’t kill them.  In the presence of antibiotics they morph to spheroplasts as well.


Here is a video showing us how TLR’s work:

The Osp in the spotlight is OspA.  It is immunosuppressive and this also helps the spirochetes survive or persist.  What is really important to understand is that this immune suppression doesn’t go away when you kill enough spirochetes.  Not that you can kill them anyway..  I think a lot of people get confused about this part.  I think they also get confused because, and I hear a lot, “well I know people who got better with antibiotics!”.  Okay, sure.  Since Lyme is at pandemic levels it is possible that these people have the rare HLA that makes them both produce antibodies and get neurologic symptoms.  Another thing is that the nature of the disease is to relapse and remit.  Another very likely scenario is that the killing drugs they are taking are knocking out the opportunistics or co-infections and providing substantial symptom relief.  This does NOT guarantee them their health, this is why ILADS says that the goal is remission, not cure.  They make it clear that there is always the potential to relapse and this is why.

A big problem for us also is something called immune tolerance:

“Immune tolerance, or immunological tolerance, or immunotolerance, is a state of unresponsiveness of the immune system to substances or tissue that have the capacity to elicit an immune response in given organism” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immune_tolerance

This means that we lose the ability to fight other pathogens.  The immune suppression, or tolerance, spread to other TLRs and makes us even more vulnerable.  Reactivated viruses in the presence of immune suppression is the rule, never the exception.  We all contract different pathogens, this is why it’s so hard for us (or a doctor) to give advice about what the heck to do.  All of these pathogens now have the opportunity to flourish unchecked.  This is where the AIDS 2.0 talk comes in.  HIV-AIDS is a T cell problem, Lyme-AIDS is a B cell problem.  Here are some good blogs from my friends about this:



So this is both why we relapse and why antibiotics alone don’t fix us.  Killing pathogens will not undo the damage that is done to the immune system.  It has been shown that this damage can happen in as little as 24 hours of initial infection.  Spirochetes go straight to the lymph nodes, then to the brain and inflame it chronically.  Yes they persist, but it is not the biggest issue and you cannot kill them anyway.  If the immune response did not shut down you would have a cytokine storm and die.  This is the bodies coping mechanism for survival.  This is post sepsis syndrome.

The breakdown:

How bad does all of this suck?  Very much.  There are no words to accurately describe how awful this is.  I’m in deep enough at this point to appreciate that not everyone can be honest enough with themselves to accept this truth.  But it still doesn’t change the fact that is in fact a fact.  Try to say that 10 times fast lol.

Facts can really suck, and most of these ones do.  On the bright side though a better treatment for this leukemia/AIDS-like disease has been shown to work with a 2/3 success rate, and if enough of us start screaming “we are victims of a cryme and we demand justice NOW!” instead of new legislation to protect extended antibiotic prescriptions….

Prosecution would mean that insurance would have to pay, we could get disability while we recover if possible, people wouldn’t feel like the only way to make the pain stop would be ending their own life, homelessness wouldn’t be so prevalent because we would have the validation of having a real disease, we could start using the test that already exists and is 95% accurate, among other wonderful things.

This isn’t impossible and it isn’t hopeless either.  

hardest thing right thing the same

It sucks yes, but it sure seems better to me than what we have going on right now.   We are failing a whole lotta people by staying silent, or turning the other cheek for whatever reason.  It breaks my heart every single time I see someone suffering and reaching out for help only to be told “go to an ILADS doc” when that is impossible for them financially, geographically or whatever.  When ILADS fails patients they can’t say that publicly without being crucified and attacked by other patients.  Why?  Why does this happen?  Why do people get personally offended when someone else didn’t get better?  This visceral reaction that I see on a daily basis towards very very sick people is unconscionable.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about the children out there, and how we need to get our act together and do the right thing for them- as humans.  We can revolutionize this monumental problem no matter how overwhelming, confusing, heart wrenching, dramatic, chaotic, or sick we may feel.  Because we have each other, and we have the truth.  The truth always comes out, we can help it happen sooner rather than later.

As always, Truth Cures (lol get it?)




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    • I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I know the info is on truth cures website somewhere. There is also a youtube video on my blog somewhere with Mark Klempner that I found on youtube talking about the HLAs, its only about 3 minutes long


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