Guest Blog: Sam R. Telford III Hid Conflicts of Interest in a Recent Article.

Sam R. Telford III Hid Conflicts of Interest in a Recent Article.

This is in regards to this article from June 21, 2017.
  1. Sam R. Telford who is quoted in the mvtimes article was a consultant to Imugen in 2015. Imugen is implicated in the Lyme Cryme. Imugen is part owner of the fraudulent Dearborn Lyme test.
TITLE: Borrelia miyamotoi disease (BMD): Neither Lyme disease nor relapsing fever.
In the Footnotes section,
“SRT is a consultant and scientific advisor to Imugen, Inc.”
Imugen was at the Second National Conference On Serologic Diagnosis Of Lyme Disease in Dearborn MI 1994.
Imugen said Steere’s IgG panel detected only 14% of the cases of Lyme Disease. Imugen knew the two-tier Lyme test used in the vaccine trial was terrible.
Page 75.
2) Telford left out the fact that he is involved in research to add OspA to bait to feed wild white footed mice:
Nest box-deployed bait for delivering oral vaccines to white-footed mice.
Telford SR 3rd, Cunningham JA, Waltari E, Hu L.
Development of a baited oral vaccine for use in reservoir-targeted strategies against Lyme disease.
Bhattacharya D1, Bensaci M, Luker KE, Luker G, Wisdom S, Telford SR, Hu LT.
Telford has a personal interest in defending Lymerix. The antigen in Lymerix is OspA.
The info on Telford here is to show he had more conflicts of interest in his defending the Lymerix vaccine than he revealed. That kind of deception is very common with industry defenders of the Lyme disease definition, test, and vaccine. Telford is not named in the charges, but he is being deceptive here to the detriment of Lyme disease victims non the less.
Attorney General Blumenthal of Connecticut who is now a U.S. Senator successfully sued the IDSA for concealing conflicts of interest back in 2006. Members of the IDSA were hiding their own personal interests regarding their Lyme disease research and their guidelines. Researchers failing to reveal personal conflicts of interest calls into question a researchers commitment to scientific validity and motives. Why hide anything if the research is scientifically valid?
In the article, Telford also claimed statements regarding the crime are “ravings”. That is meant to cast Lyme disease patients and their defenders as irrational and therefore “crazy” so no one should believe them. It is very common for Lyme patients to be mistreated based on the official Lyme disease guidelines. Officially Lyme disease is little more than arthritis in the knee. It is actually a severely disabling neurological disease. The Lyme disease crime evidence as well as the conflicts of interest presented here regarding Sam Telford are hardly “ravings”.
The industry cannot police itself. The CDC is part of the crime. The official definition and test for Lyme disease are a criminal construct designed to help sell the useless and harmful toxin OspA. The criminals built lies via fraudulent research regarding the disease definition, test, and vaccine to fake OspA’s benefits and safety. The fraud is still entrenched in nearly everything related to Lyme disease today, and it can all be proven.
The crooks and others want to bring OspA back. If Lymerix were on the market, not only would everyone still get Lyme disease, the vaccine itself would cause injuries to others.
That is why Truthcures is going over the heads of the corrupt CDC. It is the only way to achieve justice. We are calling for a Senate hearing regarding the Lyme Cryme using the existing evidence. Then it is to go the the USDOJ for a criminal investigation and prosecution regarding research fraud in the definition, testing, and “vaccine” for Lyme disease.
Jerry Seidel
The truth and the evidence are here:




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