Dear Doctors Who Don’t Believe Lyme is a Serious Illness-

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To whom it may concern-

I feel compelled to write to you all today to tell you the truth about how your dismissal and ignorance has effected tick borne disease patients.  I will provide the proper citations to prove to you that we are as sick as we say we feel, since that seems to be the roadblock in your minds preventing you all from treating us like we are nothing more than the butt of a bad joke.  I want you to read this and think not from your brain, but straight from your heart.  When we have experiences that are profound we tend to grab our chests and clutch our hearts, not our brains.


We have all heard about “Lyme disease”, we pretty much all know about the controversy surrounding it.  But what you probably don’t know is that tick bite victims are victims- of a prosecutable crime.  I am choosing to start here to give you some context about why you didn’t learn this stuff in medical school and how the IDSA has based the Lyme disease treatment guidelines on fraud.  Insurance companies hide behind these guidelines and use them to deny us coverage.  The effects of this fraud crime are far reaching and it doesn’t stop at just doctors offices.  Our friends and families routinely abandon us because our doctors tell them that our symptoms are all in our heads when all of the tests come back okay.

A complaint was filed by the LymeRix Whistleblower in 2003 the the US Department of Justice following the advice of Senator Blumenthal.  Blumenthal tried to sue the IDSA himself for antitrust.  In 2015 TruthCures made it to the office of Jeff Sessions who is now the US Attorney General.  He understand this crime and all that it entails.  His legal staff advised that we try to get a Senate Judiciary Hearing for referral to the DOJ and that was the purpose of the lobbying trip to DC in June of 2017.  We are making progress in terms of getting this prosecuted, but in the meantime the bodies are piling up.

It all started with the LymeRix vaccine.  I will try to make this as short as possible, but remember that I am providing links and I strongly urge you to check them out and see for yourself.  The Lymerix vaccine was making people sick and it began to be too obvious.  So CDC officers (Allen Steere and Barbara Johnson mostly, also the ALDF) colluded to change the definition of Lyme disease so they could throw out all of the adverse vaccine reactions and say “Hey, look! We have an 85% effective vaccine!”.  They changed the diagnostic standard to rule all of the sickest patients out by adding the ELISA.   Look at the difference in these western blots:


western blots2

And now look at this:

neurolyme ruled out ELISA


There are two completely separate outcomes of tick bites.  One, which accounts for only about 15% of patients is an HLA-linked hypersensitivity response.  They really only have one symptom, arthritis in a knee and they produce lots of antibodies.  These are the “CDC positive” patients, they have an allergy-type response to borrelia.  This is the only type of “Lyme” that is allowed to be diagnosed and treated.  The rest of us, the 85%, are the chronic neurologic cases.  We don’t produce a lot of antibodies because as it turns out one of the outer surface proteins that is shed, or blebbed off, OspA is actually a triacyl lipoprotein.  It’s pam3cys.  It is a TLR 2/1 agonist.  It causes immune suppression and cross tolerance to other pathogens.  Because of the immune suppressive outcome we never test positive for anything due to nature of the disease.  It directly effects antibody and inflammation production.  This was the antigen of choice for LymeRix.


spiro clay model


Are you starting to see the problem?  LymeRix gave people the same disease, but without any spirochetes.  Because of what OspA is it is obvious why they got sick.  What does that mean for tick bite victims?  THIS IS THE REASON THAT TICK BITE VICTIMS STAY SICK EVEN AFTER TREATING WITH ANTIBIOTICS.  If the vaccine gave people the same disease, but there were no spirochetes in their bodies to kill to give them relief from symptoms, how would you treat these patients?  As it turns out “Lyme disease” isn’t really even about spirochetes.  Killing them won’t undo the damage from OspA.  Not that you can kill them anyway.  Check this out:


unkillable borrelia


You can’t even kill them with ARSENIC.


unkillable spiro


When they were making the vaccine they produced a ton of data likening Lyme disease to pseudo-lymphoma and called it a permanent brain infection.  They talked about brain degrading enzymes and how invaded the central nervous system became.  They all said how serious of a disease lyme was and that mandated the need for a vaccine.  Anything that is capable of antigenic variation, or constantly changing its surface proteins, cannot be vaccinated against.  Other failed vaccines like HIV and Tuberculosis show us this kind of failure in parallel.  The sickest part of all of this is that when the fake vaccine inevitably started making people sick the criminals way of dealing with it was to slander and libel their victims.  They started talking about premorbid personality type and tendency to somatization, when in reality they literally poisoned these people with and endotoxin. This is what pam3cys is/does:

pam3cys imageblebs with blerb


See the ratio of blebs or osp’s in comparison to spirochetes?  That image right there is showing you what keeps people sick.


So first they say “Borrelia infections are very serious, they live in the lymphs and brain forever and cause lymphoma/leukemia like changes in the immune system and brain/CNS damage” to saying “Lyme is just a bad knee, fear of the disease is worse than the disease itself.  Antibiotics are effective for this hard to catch easy to treat infection”. Um.  Talk about hypocritical, the double standard is more than obvious when you look at the potential for financial gain.  What is amusing to me, as morbid as that is but hey lets face it, humility is all most of us “lyme loonies” have left in this world- is that we are using their own data against them to prove that Lyme is a very serious illness.  THEY first say “very bad, must prevent this brain damaging infection” while simultaneously saying “lyme is just a bad knee, and its easy to cure and doesn’t make people sick with a real illness people are only catching hypochondria from ticks.”…

b cells quite atypical

 “Immature B cells can also be seen in the spinal fluid.  These cells can appear quite atypical- not unlike those of transformed or neoplastic lymphocytes.”


Please visit the TruthCures website and see the charge sheets for more information about the criminal aspect of “Lyme disease”.  But to be sure that this is inclusive enough I will provide a few more interesting things that are on PubMed, available for the entire world to see.  It’s obvious that most doctors aren’t taking it upon themselves to search for this kind of stuff themselves, so here the patients are doing all of the work for them.  At this point I’ve shown you why the testing fails and that it is based on fraud- because there are two completely separate outcomes of tick bites and as of today only one type, arthritis in a knee HLA-linked hypersensitivity allergy response type, is the only one that is allowed to exist.  I’ve shown you that OspA is pam3cys and that means that the disease is about immune suppression.

As for the ones that have taken it upon themselves to believe tick bite victims that their suffering is real you guys still need to do some research, too.  If the vaccine gave people the same disease, then only killing spirochetes won’t get your patients their lives back.  It’s post sepsis syndrome, a B cell AIDS-like outcome with immune suppression and tolerance being the root of their demise.  Now I will show you why our B cells “can appear quite atypical- not unlike those of transformed or neoplastic lymphocytes”.  Antibiotics alone will not fix this.  Here is why:


Norman Latov on how OspA vaccination caused the same disease as chronic Lyme:

Neuropathy and cognitive impairment following vaccination with the OspA protein of Borrelia burgdorferi.
“Neurological syndromes that follow vaccination or infection are often attributed to autoimmune mechanisms. We report six patients who developed neuropathy or cognitive impairment, within several days to 2 months, following vaccination with the OspA antigen of Borrelia burgdorferi. Two of the patients developed cognitive impairment, one chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), one multifocal motor neuropathy, one both cognitive impairment and CIDP, and one cognitive impairment and sensory axonal neuropathy. The patients with cognitive impairment had T2 hyperintense white matter lesions on magnetic resonance imaging. The similarity between the neurological sequelae observed in the OspA-vaccinated patients and those with chronic Lyme disease suggests a possible role for immune mechanisms in some of the manifestations of chronic Lyme disease that are resistant to antibiotic treatment.”


And another from Wormser:

“The modulation of human lymphocyte proliferative responses was demonstrated with a recombinant outer surface protein A (OspA) vaccine preparation for the prevention of Borrelia burgdorferi infection. After exposure to either the unaltered vaccine preparation or OspA prepared in saline, normal lymphocyte responses to the mitogens concanavalin A, phytohemagglutinin-M or pokeweed mitogen, or the antigen BCG were consistently reduced. Whole cell extracts of B. burgdorferi also modulated immune responses but required a much greater quantity of protein than needed for the OspA preparation. The magnitude of modulation was directly dependent on the quantity of OspA. OspA interferes with the response of lymphocytes to proliferative stimuli including a blocking of cell cycle phase progression. Future studies designed to delete the particular region or component of the OspA molecule responsible for this effect may lead to improved vaccine preparations.”


From Baumgarth:.

“However, clinical studies have shown a sometimes-precipitous decline of such antibodies shortly following antibiotic treatment, revealing a potential deficit in the host’s ability to induce and/or maintain long-term protective antibodies. This is further supported by reports of frequent repeat infections with B. burgdorferiin endemic areas. The mechanisms underlying such a lack of long-term humoral immunity, however, remain unknown. We show here that B. burgdorferi infected mice show a similar rapid disappearance of Borrelia-specific antibodies after infection and subsequent antibiotic treatment. This failure was associated with development of only short-lived germinal centers, micro-anatomical locations from which long-lived immunity originates. These showed structural abnormalities and failed to induce memory B cells and long-lived plasma cells for months after the infection, rendering the mice susceptible to reinfection with the same strain of B. burgdorferi. The inability to induce long-lived immune responses was not due to the particular nature of the immunogenic antigens of B. burgdorferi, as antibodies to both T-dependent and T-independent Borrelia antigens lacked longevity and B cell memory induction. Furthermore, influenza immunization administered at the time of Borrelia infection also failed to induce robust antibody responses, dramatically reducing the protective antiviral capacity of the humoral response. Collectively, these studies show that B. burgdorferi-infection results in targeted and temporary immunosuppression of the host and bring new insight into the mechanisms underlying the failure to develop long-term immunity to this emerging disease threat.”


Viruses like Epstein-Barr reactivate in the presence of immune suppression.  This is the rule, NEVER the exception.


We all know that EBV is responsible for very serious illnesses like cancer.  “It’s a well known thing, it is not extraordinary” – TruthCures Founders Kathleen Dickson and Beaux Reliosis

 Need I say more about what this means for your patients?  The Occam’s Razor Report from TruthCures says it all.  Please, PLEASE read this.  If you care about your patients and genuinely want to help them you NEED to see this for yourself.  CLICK HERE!


Now that I have provided with valid scientific data to prove that your tick bite patients are sick, I ask that you please have enough respect for their suffering to first LOOK at it.  You don’t have to take my word for it, but if you have an issue with the science then you need to take it up with the authors of the studies that TruthCures is citing.  Second I ask that you consider DOING something with this knowledge.

Kathleen Dickson the LymeRix Whistleblower and former Analytic Chemist at Pfizer is the only person on this entire planet who has been willing to stick her neck out for tick bite sepsis victims.  She is the ONLY scientist who has used her qualification and comprehension to validate all of the suffering out there.  She shines a light on the abuse and has selflessly sacrificed a huge chunk of her life to this.  Kathleen is always saying “Love means DO“.

Us lowly patients are not stupid.  We are a lot of things but we are not deaf and blind to the not-so-subtle cues that you guys throw out there.  We can tell almost immediately if you are going to believe us or dismiss us.  Some of you act like you are God’s gift to us and we should feel honored just to be in your presence.  The truth is that we would rather die (almost) than go through the denialism one more time.  Do you realize that some of us refuse to go to the hospital after we have a seizure or pass out falling to the ground hitting our heads on hard surfaces and such events?  Or that some of us refuse to go and checked out for serious symptoms like A-fib or stroke-like symptoms because we are literally afraid of being told that we are hypochondriacs and that are symptoms are somehow our own fault?  Do you guys realize that people are literally killing themselves because they see no other way to make the pain stop?  Doctors are supposed to help sick people, yet tick bite victims are thrown out of your offices like trash.  You blame us.

You straight up blame us.

We are confined to our beds most of the time, prisoners stuck in human torture chambers.  We are at the mercy of your dismissal and subjected to non-stop abuse.  We are victims of the largest medical fraud of all time resulting in the deprivation of our basic human rights.  We are just as sick as AIDS or cancer patients, literally, yet we can’t get treatment or even diagnosed because why?  Because some idiot criminals tried to sell a fake vaccine and changed the case definition of a once well described disease?  Because you guys never had the original thought to go and look on PubMed yourselves?  I’m sorry to be so blunt, but people are dying out there.  Children are being robbed of their childhoods and too often their parents are told that their child is simply reeling for attention.  Young people are killing themselves in droves.  The agony is physically relentless and SO obvious, yet reaching out for help almost always ends in being told that the problem is psychological.

We get to the point where it is so demoralizing that we learn to just shut up.  We deny being in pain so as not to lose our credibility as a legitimate sick person.  We expect to be ridiculed by you.  We become numb and despondent.  We lose more dignity from a doctors visit than gaining anything even slightly beneficial, so why bother?  We are literally the walking dead.  That’s what post sepsis syndrome means.  There is something seriously wrong, here.  Again, please reevaluate your current bias.  The medical paradox of tick borne disease is NOT a mystery.

“Love means DO.”

-Kathleen Dickson


Please visit and read the Charge Sheets.  You do not have to respect us, but for the sake of our children please respect the science.


iceberg illness model #2

TruthCures current mission is still the same- get this Lyme Cryme prosecuted.  There is more information on how people (doctors included!) can help on the TruthCures website as well as this blog and others mentioned throughout.  What we are asking people to do right now is to call their representatives and the numbers provided and tell them that you want this Cryme prosecuted.  Thank you 💚

4 thoughts on “Dear Doctors Who Don’t Believe Lyme is a Serious Illness-

  1. Thank you for all your hard work and advocacy! May I ask, would you please help me find a link to the source of where the western blotts results image that you wrote on came from? Specifically, the image at the beginning of this post (above):
    Is it from the same source as the next slide with the graph and the 5 standard deviations cutoff separating the two? That one shows the source is JID 1994. Also may I ask how do I figure out where does the 85/15% numbers come from which separates the two outcomes? I guess I’m not understanding what is the source where that % came from? Can you please help me figure out those 2 questions. Thank you again for all your work! I have watched the movie twice.


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