The Chicken That Laid the Golden Egg.



If you want to know why medical science never gets anywhere follow the money. Anything in life really- just follow the money.  Lyme disease is no different, it’s always been about money.  Whoever could manipulate the situation to pocket some dough at the expense of all of us did so and never batted an eye.  ILADS included.  They are the main profiteers in the game right now.


Let me digress.


It all goes back to the LymeRix vaccine.  CDC officers and the ALDF are the main offenders, they decided that they wanted to make a lot of money off of tick borne disease.  So the idea was that they could say that all tick borne diseases were different and they all needed separate tests and vaccines.  Lucrative business, because as we all know there are a lot of strains and pathogens in ticks.  The funds stopped rolling in for them as soon as  LymeRix was taken off of the market (because it was making people sick) and then ILADS stepped in to start treating post sepsis with antibiotics and could charge exorbitant office fees to the tune of $2,000 a pop.



Lyme is the corporate medical industry’s golden egg.  It’s the cash cow.  The mystical money tree.  If we decided to let Borrelia be a relapsing fever germ instead of “Lyme disease”, what it truly is, an ancient fungal shedder that stealth bombs immune suppressing triacylated lipoproteins and caused post sepsis syndrome….. Well.  It goes without saying, but maybe the golden egg would collapse in on itself and reveal that it was really only ever made of shit just wrapped in gold.  


What then?


What would people like Alan Steere and Barbara Johnson have to say for themselves?   That they dedicated their lives to covering up something that ruined and murdered and suicided an unimaginable amount of other humans?


Alan Steere went to Europe to change the testing for the disease and then Barbara Johnson held a conference in Dearborn Michigan to change the very definition of the disease.  Steere added the ELISA to rule all of the chronic neurologic outcomes out in the first step and took OspA and OspB out of the diagnostic criteria, two of the main diagnostic antigens by the way.  Prior to this he spewed out all of this data that completely conflicts the nature of the disease that he published about repeatedly in the past.

Like this:

Steere how to test


So there you can see that his motive was clear.  The purpose of the “Dearborn stunt” was to change the definition of the disease to fit their new model for the vaccine.


The disease went from being “pseudo-lymphoma” to just a bad knee.  Just like that.


lyme psuedo lymphoma

(I pulled these images from Kathleen’s latest post, you should all really go and read that.  Here’s the link: )


What about Mcsweegan who trashed our own country’s Navy to gain grant monies to give to his mafia buddies?  Or Durland Fish?  Back in December of 2016 Wormser along with Steere and Paul Mead came out and published that immune suppression was the most important aspect of the disease.


“This finding suggests that there is redundancy in the ability of the innate immune system to recognize B. burgdorferi and/or that these components can activate pathways that produce anti-inflammatory cytokines……the anti-inflammatory effects might be the more important function of TLR signaling.”


But wait- I thought we were all just crazy?  We can only have a bad knee, and if we don’t then we are crazy, but this immune suppression thing might actually be important…….


Lyme is a Relapsing Fever organism.  This means that it’s capable of antigenic variation, it is constantly changing it’s outer surface proteins (osp’s) to evade the immune system.  This is why you can’t vaccinate against it, it is literally impossible.  Other attempts have failed in the past like HIV and Tuberculosis.  The LymeRix vaccine gave people the same disease that we refer to as “Chronic Lyme”.  It had no spirochetes, but it did have OspA in it.  OspA is a fungal-type antigen, a triacylated lipoprotein, a TLR 2/1 agonist, pam3cys.  This also means that the testing isn’t so black and white UNLESS you look only for the flagellin which is highly specific to spirochetes.  Yale owns a patent on this test, we aren’t using it because it would further expose this whole debacle.


As long as no one calls the disease what it actually is the golden egg remains intact.  So far, Kathleen Dickson the LymeRix Whistleblower who founded ActionLyme now TruthCures, is the only one who has starting chipping away at this egg to reveal its contents.  She has the data that smashes the egg open and reveals that its actually made of BULLSHIT in a gold wrapper, and now we can all smell it.


Are you starting to smell it, too?


I can’t forget about ILADS.  They certainly know that they are treating post sepsis with antibiotics and I heard that one in particular literally laughs at his patients all the way to the bank.  After all, Kathleen Dickson, you know the analytic chemist who worked for Pfizer and blew the whistle on the lymerix vaccine, well she is the one who wrote the original Klempner rebuttal. So they know.  Clearly, ILADS knows about ospA, but they don’t even tell their little golden eggs that they are a victim of a crime.  Instead of telling these patients the truth they lie to them then take their money by persuasion, and I consider that stealing.  From sick and desperate people.  Some of them are children.  They are led to believe that they have no other choice.  They aren’t told anything about being a victim of a prosecutable crime.  They aren’t told about the bad B cells, or that Rituximab was shown to work in 2/3 patients in a past study.  

Follow up on ILADS post, and what treatment worked before in a study of Chronic Fatigue patients.


Then there’s the Stockholm syndrome thing that happens.  It’s weird, but why don’t people use their own brains to think anymore?  I did it too, I was bought and sold.  I never had the original thought “if the vaccine caused the same disease but had no spirochetes, what does that mean?”.  I had a sinking feeling, sure.  I questioned my treatment a lot and would reach out the support groups filled with people just like me and was encouraged to keep spending money.  The answers sounded logical, I believed them because all I could tell was that they believed what they were telling me.  What excuse do these doctors have though?  We aren’t born knowing this stuff.  It’s not our fault that we’ve been lied to, that’s all it comes down to.


Doctor’s are not scientists, they are merely practicing medicine.  


Now the CDC is going after ILADS big time.  ILADS has relegated all morality to the tune of millions treating post sepsis with antibiotics when all along the truth has been right in front of everyone’s faces.  Now ILADS President Dr. Daniel Cameron has come under fire:

….he could not successfully defend against at least one of the acts of misconduct alleged. Those allegations included practicing the profession of medicine with negligence on more than one occasion, incompetence on more than one occasion, gross negligence, gross incompetence, and/or failing to maintain accurate patient medical records.


I will conclude this with a reiteration of the basic points I am trying to get across:

  • The golden egg is “Lyme” itself, being a misnomer in the first place.  All Borrelia are relapsing fever germs capable of antigenic variation, so you cannot vaccinate against spirochetes and this is also why the current testing fails.
  • They used to call it pseudo lymphoma, said that it was a severe enough disease that it necessitated the need for a vaccine.
  • Then they changed the definition of the disease and lied about the testing too.  Then they created a PR propaganda firm called the ALDF (this is what we refer to as the “Cabal”) to spin the disease.
  • ILADS have just as much blood on their hands as any one else because they KNEW what the disease really was, yet failed to do what was right for patients.


Seriously.  If Lyme is called what it really is all of these people have their entire livelihoods vanish.  Poof.  The criminals will spend the rest of their lives in prison, ILADS will  likely be met with malpractice suits, and the government will be left to foot the bill for our compensation and disability benefits.  Insurance companies will be liable for our extensive medical bills.  The only people that stand to benefit from this CRYME getting prosecuted is US, the patients.  Up to today they have called us crazy, slandered and libeled us, and deprived us of our basic human rights.  All because of this CRYME.


So with that in mind, we are the only ones who can save ourselves.  We have taken on the responsibility of the government, the department of justice, agencies like the CDC who are supposed to protect the public, doctors and scientists….etc.  So let’s show the world what the inside of this golden shit egg is actually made of.    All of us that are in involved in this right now had that epiphany moment where we realized that we are the only ones who can help ourselves.  We have strength in numbers.  We all need to use the data that was gifted to us by TruthCures to empower ourselves, our children, and all future generations.  This is bigger than just us.  This is a cryme against humanity itself.


We ALL need to start saying the same thing.  That we are victims of a prosecutable cryme.  We need people to pick up the phone and call the numbers that we have been screaming about, say the lines that we have provided if you’re having trouble figuring out what to say in your own words, write the emails too.  Get on board, learn the facts, KNOW the TRUTH.

Truth Cures, get it?

Follow the Truth Cures link to access the charge sheets, visit the activism page and other blogs.  Find us on Facebook at



Golden tick eggs, too!

3 thoughts on “The Chicken That Laid the Golden Egg.

  1. Been sick since 1981. I no longer live but just exist. With great effort I stumble through each day. There is no joy left in life only pain and struggle with no where to turn for help. There are millions like me in this country alone. Unbelievable this horrible crime has been aloud to go on for so many decades in America. Someone please give us justice!


    • I’m so sorry. It is a global problem that needs to be fixed here in the US first. We aren’t letting this go until every single victim is vindicated, we have the truth on our side 💚


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