We are literally the walking dead. Post Sepsis Syndrome, it’s a thing.

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”


So, you get a tick bite. The tick regurgitates spirochetes and other nasty critters into your body. Your body reacts, the spirochetes start shedding their fungal-ish blebs in an effort to evade the immune system. OspA, one of these blebs, is pam3cys. Pam3cys is an endotoxin, a triacylated lipoprotein. Very bad for humans. Your bodies way of coping with this assault is to shut down the immune response, if it didn’t you would die. Just like that- a life is ruined.

The LymeRix vaccine gave people the same disease as “Chronic Lyme”.  But it had NO spirochetes.  How is that possible?  ILADS and the CDC say that if you kill the spirochetes you get your life back.  But HOW ON EARTH could this be true if the LymeRix vaccine, that was made with OspA, gave people the SAME EXACT DISEASE?  And what does this mean for all of us?  Click on the links provided or read more around this blog to see this explained further.  

Post Sepsis Syndrome is the most appropriate name for the aftermath of a tick bite.  Here is the definition of sepsis, it’s pretty inclusive:


noun: sepsis

1. the presence in tissues of harmful bacteria and their toxins, typically through infection of a wound.


Babies are born with this disease. Every. Single. Day. With 2 million new cases a year, half of them becoming permanently disabled this really is everyone’s problem. We need to wake up. We need help. We need this CRYME prosecuted, so we can at least die with dignity.

Post sepsis syndrome is basically being partially dead on a cellular level.  I’m pulling this from the TruthCures website- I HIGHLY suggest you go there and explore.  It really is the best place for a complete breakdown of all things lyme.


Carolyn Beans (NIH) on Live Science:
Surviving Sepsis: Detection and Treatment Advances

“Some people who survive sepsis can develop secondary infections days or even months later. A research team that included Richard Hotchkiss, Jonathan Green and Gregory Storch of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis suspected that this is because sepsis might cause lasting damage to the immune system. To test this hypothesis, the scientists compared viral activation in people with sepsis, other critically ill people and healthy individuals. The researchers looked for viruses like Epstein-Barr and herpes simplex that are often dormant in healthy people but can reactivate in those with suppressed immune systems.

[Sepsis Has Long-Term Impact for Older Adults, Study Finds]

“Of the three study groups, people with sepsis had much higher levels of these viruses, suggesting reactivation due to compromised immune responses. Immune suppression could make it difficult to defend against the reactivated viruses as well as new infections like pneumonia. The team now plans to test whether immune-boosting drugs can prevent deaths in sepsis survivors.”



This state- post septis syndrome -is known to be kind of a big deal. Check this out:


“For more than two decades, sepsis was defined as a microbial infection that produces fever (or hypothermia), tachycardia, tachypnoea and blood leukocyte changes. Sepsis is now increasingly being considered a dysregulated systemic inflammatory and immune response to microbial invasion that produces organ injury for which mortality rates are declining to 15-25%. Septic shock remains defined as sepsis with hyperlactataemia and concurrent hypotension requiring vasopressor therapy, with in-hospital mortality rates approaching 30-50%.

With earlier recognition and more compliance to best practices, sepsis has become less of an immediate life-threatening disorder and more of a long-term chronic critical illness, often associated with prolonged inflammation, immune suppression, organ injury and lean tissue wasting. Furthermore, patients who survive sepsis have continuing risk of mortality after discharge, as well as long-term cognitive and functional deficits. Earlier recognition and improved implementation of best practices have reduced in-hospital mortality, but results from the use of immunomodulatory agents to date have been disappointing. Similarly, no biomarker can definitely diagnose sepsis or predict its clinical outcome.

Because of its complexity, improvements in sepsis outcomes are likely to continue to be slow and incremental.”

There it is, folks.


This is what we really have. Extended antibiotics have zero effect on this state of cellular zombie-ness.

For further explanation please visit especially truthcures.org  Below are other websites and blogs for your convenience, we all talk about the same thing.  Why the disease is the cryme, the cryme is the disease.











12 thoughts on “We are literally the walking dead. Post Sepsis Syndrome, it’s a thing.

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  12. “Extended antibiotics have zero effect on this state of cellular zombie-ness.”
    Parallel development!
    I never knew you guys existed until my people sent me links. I had developed language to describe white cells that had been invaded by organisms and viri and the only description that fit beyond White Blood Cells and Red Blood Cells was Zombie Blood Cells!! ZBCs. This has been our focus of what to correct to reboot the system. I have to datamine your entire body of work, as me and my brain approach their sell-by date. Thanks for all you do.


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