TruthCures Lobbying effort underway this week in DC!


TruthCures (SASH) members are in DC again in 2017 to push for a Senate Hearing on behalf of all of us victims.  Following the advice of the now US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ legal staff they are meeting with the Judiciary Committee members this week.  The goal is prosecution by the USDOJ. The Senate Hearing is to help push the USDOJ to actually do it’s job.  The LymeRix whistleblower, Kathleen Dickson, filed the complaint with the USDOJ in 2003 following the advice of then Senator Blumenthal who sued the IDSA for antitrust.  After all of these years, still, nothing has been done to hold the criminals accountable for their crimes against humanity.


To make a long story short we are in the midst of the biggest medical scandal in history.  Some people affectionately refer to it Tuskegee #2 or AIDS 2.0. CDC officers and the ALDF among others fraudulently changed the case definition of Lyme disease from a serious B cell AIDS-like permanent brain infection to just a “bad knee” in the early 1990’s.  Patients have been slandered and libeled for the last two decades.  Here is an excellent blog post from our very own Beaux Reliosis, Co-Founder of TruthCures and Truth telling extraordinaire on “How it all went down”:


TruthCures (SASH) is a patient run movement founded by Kathleen Dickson and Beaux Reliosis for Justice in Healthcare.  They have tediously wrote the Charge Sheets, which is actually a 250+ page FREE book.  In them are all the dirty details of who, why and how this crime was committed and how far reaching it is.  We stand for all abused groups including but not limited to Tick Bite Sepsis (TBS) victims, M.E. (CFS), vaccine injured, Gulf War Illness (GWI), Psychiatry victims….etc.  All of these immune suppression outcomes have one thing in common, the mechanism of disease. For more details please see the Charge Sheets at


What we are experiencing right now is the result of a decades long charade of criminals deliberately denying patients basic humans rights to cover up their own fraud.  They falsified the case definition and changed the testing to the two-tier method we are still stuck with today all because they chose profit over people’s lives.  Too many have already paid with their lives over greed and corruption, we will not them be forgotten.


We are all victims of a prosecutable crime.  There are 8 brave souls right now in DC fighting for the millions of us still at home.  I ask that we all please support them on this journey by praying for them, sharing the posts around on Facebook, and telling others about the Cryme that is Lyme.  We need numbers and masses of people waking up to the Truth. You are sick, and TruthCures has proven it.  Support the mission for prosecuting the criminals who have taken our dignity and deprived us of our basic human rights. Prosecution would be an end to the denial and the beginning of our vindication.


It is time to unite!  There is always hope as long as we have the Truth on our side, and we do as graciously provided by TruthCures.  So keep sharing, talking, spreading the word.



You can help by using this template and sending it to your own Attorney General and the US Attorney General.  Find us on Facebook at “Occupy Justice- All Abused Groups”.  Visit for access to the full charge sheets.


Direct Link to Charge Sheets:




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