They literally changed the definition of Lyme disease.

Now I’m going to walk you through the “Dearborn scandal” so that you can know exactly why things are the way they are.

I guess I will start in Lyme, Connecticut. Most of us are familiar with the story of Mother’s who demanded to know what was happening to their children. They finally got the attention of some authority figures (Alan Steere, mostly) in the medical arena at the time and then Willy Burgdorfer was credited with the discovery of Lyme spirochetes. They were named after him- Borrelia Burgdorferi -in 1981.

All of the research at the time pointed in the direction of antibiotics helping these kids. Remember, there are two distinct outcomes from Lyme. One is the HLA-linked autoimmune outcome that accounts for only 15% of patients and they make lots of antibodies. These are the CDC positive people. The other 85% of patients have immune suppression and don’t produce very many antibodies, if any.  The 85% are much sicker than the allergy-type response patients.

Hardly any one knows the true history of Lyme disease, there is a deliberate coverup. Before the Dearborn Conference in 1992 everyone knew that Lyme could permanently disable people. There once existed NIH divisions dedicated to Lyme and Lupus, and even Lyme and MS. I remember when I was about 10 and I got bit by a tick and my Mom kind of freaked out because I developed a rash. She said “Lyme lasts forever! We need to get this checked out, please tell me if you start feeling sick”. So it couldn’t have been hidden the way it is now. Time has a funny way of skewing facts, apparently. Ask anyone that is about 60 years old today and they will probably remember something about Lyme being a big deal.

Anyway, the Dearborn conference. Alan Steere and Barbara Johnson are the main offenders. Steere went to Europe in 1992 to start the shit show. This ordeal was responsible for the two-tier method being introduced and the ELISA being added to the diagnostic standard. The ELISA rules out ALL neurologic cases, so 85% of us don’t even get to the second step, the Western Blot. Prior to this starting in 1986 he said that patients only need band 41.  So he completely contradicted himself, first red flag.

In 1994 is when things really went wonky.  A conference was held in Dearborn, Michigan which resulted in the only type of Lyme to be officially recognized (to this day!) is the 15% autoimmune allergy response people. Both Steere and Johnson hold multiple patents. This bullshit conclusion that they came to was NOT well accepted by other scientists. No one else agreed with them. Borrelia are known as Relapsing Fever germs, so this black and white testing (monopoly) situation that they created to rule all of the sickest patients out is easy to see. Most scientists can put two and two together and realize that due to antigenic variation both testing and vaccination have some serious downfalls. You CANNOT vaccinate against a germ that is capable of antigenic variation. You CANNOT rely on antibody testing as a black and white standard either.

Remember, there are two completely separate outcomes of the disease. One is the 15% HLA linked allergy autoimmune type.  The other 85% are the sickest patients, with post sepsis syndrome and no antibodies.  To this day only the 15% are allowed to have a disease.  The rest of us are fake, hysterical, hypochondriac malingering drug addicts. We aren’t allowed to be sick.  Doctors don’t learn in medical school that their are disease without objective findings of inflammation.  If you don’t have an autoimmune disease with lots of inflammation and bad labs, then you aren’t actually sick.  They don’t have the decency to pick up their own slack and have an original thought of their own. Do they really think that this many people are just faking?  Do any of them ever consider the possibility that they just DON’T KNOW.  Apparently not.  Quite the quandary.  As a dear friend once said, pride hates the truth..

Anyway, they literally changed the definition of the disease to suit their desire to profit off of a fake vaccine and test kits that were only 15% accurate. The ALDF is a group of thugs who promote bullshit. Yale owns a patent on a test that would pass the FDA’s regulation standards of specificity and sensitivity but isn’t being used.  CDC officers deliberately created a situation where only 15% of us are allowed access to medical care because they apparently value profits over people’s lives. Ed Mcweegan and Durland Fish are two of the slimiest dirtbags on this God given Earth. They harassed and stalked anyone who stuck up for the disabled people that were hurt as a result of their lies and slander. They make fake profiles and go around on Internet forums to spread misinformation and muddy the waters. Mcsweegan even admitted to doing this, and the jerk still hasn’t had to face any consequences for his crimes.

In 2006 Senator Blumenthal filed an antitrust lawsuit against the IDSA. He either realized he was in over his head or for some reason decided to let it go upon realizing that all 49 states (or possibly other countries) could turn around and file lawsuits against the state of Connecticut. So he told the ActionLyme group and Kathleen Dickson (LymeRix whistleblower) to file a report to the United States Department of Justice in 2003. We are still in limbo. We are still waiting for them to do their job. To save lives. People are dying at an appalling rate and it seems that NO ONE cares.

All Lyme patients are victims of a crime. Period.

They falsified the case definition, introduced the shittiest tests ever, and then wrote a manual called the “social aspects of Tick borne diseases” to slander and libel us.  They locked the door and threw away the key, purposely.

“Moreover, factors such as the premorbid personality and a tendency to somatization may determine the length of convalescence and the response to postinfection fatigue and joint aches [71,72]. Even if the original diagnosis of Lyme disease is undisputed, lingering or recurrent symptoms, many of which are also characteristic of chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, may not be attributable to persistent infection.”  

-Barbour, Alan G.; Fish, Durland

See?  That’s what they really think of sick people.  This is what we are up against.



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